Former CIA officer and InfoWars collaborator, Robert David Steele, death news on Alex Jones 201st day of his age, from Covid-19, August 30, 2021

Catholic Church Coronavirus Federal Government Jesuit Murder by Numbers News

Of course it was a former CIA member that was part of Q’Anon, a Jesuit, federal government backed, psy-op.

Central Intelligence Agency – United States of America = 201
Q’Anon = 201
*The Jesuit Order = 201

And let us not forget that Event 201 was the coronavirus pandemic simulation, one month before the outbreak.

Furthmore, this man was known through Alex Jones, and he died on Alex Jones’ 201st day of his age.

Read more about the Jesuits and 201 here.

Read more about the CIA and 201 here.

And don’t overlook that the CIA was established in ’47, and Alex Jones is 47-years-old right now.

Of course, Alex Jones broadcasts out of Jesuit town, Austin, Texas.

World War = 42
War = 42
*Jesuit = 42
*Freemason = 42
*Masonry = 105

With regards to ‘conspiracy’ being the word, he died August 30, the day leaving 123 days in the year.
Conspiracy = 123

Furthermore, that date can be expressed as 8/30, and 8+30 = 38.
Death = 38
Pandemic = 38
*Murder = 38
*Killing = 38
*RIP = 38

For one last point, Steele died on his 46th day of his age, 69. *The Jesuit Order = 69 *Catholic = 46

Virus = 46
Sacrifice = 46

*Genesis 46

Alex Jones is on the Genesis Radio Network.


  1. Trampler on September 2, 2021 at 3:18 pm

    Thanks for this post and video! RDS is another case, like AJ, where he morphed from a traditional conservative who openly questioned 9/11, etc. into a raging Q-anon evangelist. I used to review a lot of books on Amazon, where RDS was a top reviewer. I often disagreed with him, but he was a super bright and perceptive guy. Then he morphed. So many “Truthers” were led astray in 2016 by AJ and other CIA assets like RDS.

    Q is still around, BTW. Some friends send me posts about military tribunals on Gitmo, where they have supposedly hanged Hillary Clinton. Still rounding up those derned pedophiles! LOL!

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