Gaylord Perry, dead at 84, December 1, 2022

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Gaylord Perry is dead on December 1, or 12/1.
Blood Sacrifice = 121

He is dead at age 84, on his 78th day of his age.
Jesuit = 84 / 78
-His last Cy Young was in ’78
-*He is dead at 84, 84 days after the NFL season began
-NFL star Patrick Mahomes is connected to Royals

His MLB debut was April 14, or 14/4.
Jesuit Order = 144

The Jesuits operate in 112 countries, today can be written 1/12.

*Gaylord Perry was born in North Carolina, and died in South Carolina. He died 77 days after his birthday, or you could say he died on his 78th day of his age.
-Wiki has a picture up of in him in ’77 at the time of his death

He played 777 games in his career.

314 wins, like Pi = 3.14

Keep in mind John Hadl of Kansas died yesterday, and now Gaylord Perry who finished his career with the Kansas City Chiefs is dead the next day. He is also dead 71 days after the anniversary of his last MLB game, September 21, 1983.
Royal = 71 (Concluded career with KC Royals)
-Gaylord Perry = 61 / 160
-Royal Family = 61 / 160

Today is 33 weeks after his MLB debut anniversary, April 14, 1962, from 60 years ago.
Order = 60 / 33

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