George Junius Stinney Jr., the youngest person ever put to death by the state, June 16, 1944, at age 14

Government History Murder by Numbers Racism

This young man was killed at age 14, by ‘government’.

His name sums to 105, the 14th triangular number.

As we know, dead sums to 14.

So does end.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14 = 105

Read about Huey’s death on June 25, 2020 in relation to 14: Huey died 14 years after his career began in 2006, and his death relates to the events of St. Louis in 2014, after the killing of Michael Brown.

Now, let’s examine how many days George Junius Stinney Jr. died from his birthday.

George Junius Stinney Jr. died 239 days after his birthday.  *239, 52nd prime

239, 52nd prime

Big pattern, recall how the news of September 23, 2017 foretold the Eagles vs Patriots Super Bowl, number 52, hosted in ‘Minnesota’, summing to 52.  A rarer cold weather bowl.

He had a life lesson number, born October 21, 1929.

10/21/1929 = 10+21+(1+9+2+9) = 52

The flag was sewn in Philadelphia at 239 Arch Street, so the Eagles beat the team with the flag on its helmet in the Super Bowl.

The 14 year old’s name overlapped with murder in three out of the four ciphers.

He had 79 in his birth numerology.

10/21/1929 = 10+21+19+29 = 79 *Murder = 79

Read about ‘murder’ and the numbers 38 and 83:

He was put to death June 16, 1944, a date with 66 numerology.

6/16/44 = 6+16+44 = 66

66, the 11th triangular number

Black = 2+3+1+3+2 = 11

He died 127 days before his birthday, the 31st prime. And 31 is the 11th prime. Infamous numbers. *6/16/1944 = 6+1+6+1+9+4+4 = 31

As for ‘Stinney’ summing to 106, we know a lot about that number.

Recall the big ritual with NASCAR and Black Lives Matter on June 10, or 10/6.

They are fulfilling prophecy, for the Old Testament.

*I can’t breathe = 52 / 106 *Minnesota = 52

The last thing, he was killed, or executed, in ’44, kind of like MLK being killed on 4/4 or Malcolm X being killed on the 44 date, or Marvin Gaye on his last day of being 44, or his singing partner, Tammi Terrell, 44 days from her birthday. It’s kinda of like Obama, #44 too.

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