Google & Apple launching coronavirus contact-tracing system for iOS and Android, April 10, 2020 news

Big Tech Coronavirus Government Police State

Oh, nice, the 666 fingers…

You’ll notice the 666 fingers are on the Apple device, the same company that priced their first consume computer at $666.

Think of Apple’s logo and taking a bit of the forbidden fruit in Genesis.

Read this related post about Google’s surveillance operations:

Notice Sundar Pichai posted about this at 10:04 on 10/4.  Was the message received?

Notice, his name sums to 201, like Event 201.

Don’t forget this happened December 3, or 12/3, like 123.

ABC = 123… and they’re the “Alphabet Company”.

*Conspiracy = 123

For one more point, this news comes on the 101st day fo the year.

And for one final point on Google, Sundar is 47-years-old.

Tim Cook tweeted one minute earlier, at 10:03.

*Scottish = 103

Here’s what else they’re reporting on this date. “The most deaths yet”.

Watch here: