HBO Max removed ‘Gond with the Wind’ due to racism, June 2020 news

Coronavirus Entertainment News Racism

Civil War = 56; Back Lives Matter = 56; HBO = 56

Gone With the Wind, too hot for 2020. I suppose by those who set the standards, it didn’t have enough twelve year old twerking action. Here we are, with the changing of a society, in the blink of an eye, and not for the better. The old days are gone, I suppose with the wind, or the loads of hot wind from TV mouthpieces, aggravating and agitating society into asking for their own demise. Remember, ‘coronavirus’ set the tone, a term coined in 1968, the year that marked the beginning of an age, which appears to be transitioning to an even worse age. Speaking of, notice what ‘Gone With the Wind’ sums to.

Notice how ‘racism’ and ‘HBO Max’ come together, 27 / 63 / 99.

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