House passes $1.9 trillion in Covid stimulus relief, again, 33 days later, March 10, 2021

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This comes 33 days after Congress passed the $1.9-trillion in stimulus the first time, February 5, 2021. Read more about that here. This also comes four days after the Senate passed the stimulus.

Think of the House of Temple in D.C., the Masonic HQ for the Scottish Rite, with 33 pillars on the outside, each 33 feet tall. On that building there is an unfinished pyramid, with 13 layers of bricks, like what is shown on the U.S. Dollar Bill.

The unfinished pyramid is the top of the structure as shown below.

With regards to money, today has 18 date numerology.

3/10/2021 = 3+10+(2+0+2+1) = 18

And 18 also connects to IHS, the acronym in the Jesuit Order’s logo, the entity that created modern Freemasonry, and that has been in D.C. longer than the federal government.

Today also had 54 date numerology.

3/10/2021 = 3+10+20+21 = 54

John Carroll = 54 (Established Jesuit Georgetown when he was 54 years old)

And notice how ‘money’ and IHS go together.

And of course, the eye on the top of the pyramid represents the sun, what is the Jesuit logo.

Notice John Carroll was born on January 8, or 1/8, like 18.

And again, he established Georgetown after his 54th birthday.

231, 21st triangular number *Jesuit = 21

And for one last point on who runs the show, March 10 can be written 10/3, like 103.

The Jesuits logo is the ‘circle’ representing the sun, that has 32 sun rays around it.

The Jesuits claim to operate in 112 countries including the U.S., or ‘United States’.

Keep in mind, the first rule in witchcraft, or SPELL casting, is creating the circle. So here in the U.S., what we have, is one nation under a SPELL, chasing fiat bills, and thinking about little else.

Freemasonry = 158 (15/8 establishment date)

Oh, and of course, today is the 69th day of the year.

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