If the Democrats win the Georgia Senate Runoff, will the Green New Deal be right behind?

Catholic Church Federal Government Jesuit
I put my money on blue = 79 *Democrat = 79

Today is 324 days (42 days before) Jon Ossof’s birthday.

-Born February 16, 1987 *He is 33 *Federal = 33

Today is 26-days after David Perdue’s birthday

-Born December 10, 1949

Today is 166 days after Raphael Warnock’s birthday

-Born July 23, 1969 *He is 51 (Vote on 5/1) *Federal = 51

Today is 39 days after Kelly Loeffler’s birthday *Federal = 39

-Born November 27, 1970


If the Democrats win both seats, they will have control of the House, Senate and Oval Office, which is exactly what the case was when Obama took office after the 2008 election, and yet again, Joe Biden will be there, with a non pale one term Senator.


Such a scenario would make the odds of the ‘Green New Deal’ a reality, coming on the back of the November 3, or 11/3 election.

Keep in mind the November 3 (113) election was the 59th Presidential Election, and it was synced with Pope Francis (59), coming 46 weeks after his birthday, and giving us the 46th President-elect, Joe Biden, the Catholic.


And notice how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fits in.

27/7… 277, 59th prime


Today’s vote will be 84 days after her 31st birthday, having been born 10/13, not far off from 113.

The Catholic Church = 84 *The Jesuit Order = 84 *Jesuit = 84

United States of America = 84

Let us not forget that Biden and Harris are the first Presidential ticket since 1984 to not feature an Ivy League degree…

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