Ivan Boesky, inspiration for Wall Street character Gordon Gekko, dead at 87, Cannonball Day, May 20, 2024

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Read about the death of Eleanor Coppola at 87.

Read about the death of Jacob Rothschild at 87.

Wall Street was released in ’87.

It is 36 years and change later.

It goes with how Boesky’s birthday can be written 3/6 or 6/3, like 36 & 63.


Ivan Boesky, who Gordon Gekko was modeled after in the hit film Wall Street, is dead at 87? He joins the club who have died at the same age in the time of Pope Francis being 87 years old. And in this case, he died on Cannonball Day, special to the Jesuits.
Cannonball Day=118

The DowJones finished at 39,807 today.

He has died 75 days after his birthday, while the Superior General, Arturo Sosa, is 75.

Notice the overall with Pope Francis and Gordon Gekko.

Today is exactly 34 weeks after Michael Douglas September 25 birthday. He is 79.
Murder=79 & 34 *Francis=34

Today is the 191st day of the Black Pope’s age.

It is also 1901 weeks since the movie released…

Notice Boesky served at Columbia because today is the death anniversary of Christopher Columbus.

Jesus=34 *Cross=34 *Church=34
Society of Jesus=79 *Yeshua=79

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