Jerry West, dead at 86, before NBA Finals Game 3, June 12, 2024

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Jerry West is literally the symbol for the NBA (he is known as The Logo).

*He is dead on 17 date numerology, the day of the Celtics 17th Playoff game. *NBA=17

Today is 213 days after the Superior Genearl’s birthday. *The NBA Finals=213

*Len Bias died 213 days after his November 18, 1985 birthday, June 19, 1986.

Don’t below we’ll talk about what the Phoenix Mercury did on June 7, or 6/7, like 67.

The NBA Finals, since ’86. *Jesuits=86 & 103 *Mercury=86 & 103

Jerry West is dead on a Wednesday, named after the planet, Mercury. Notice the 86 connection.
Human Sacrifice=86 *Blood Sacrifice=86 *Jesuits=86 *Mercury=86

The word ‘Wednesday’ also ties with ‘Jerry West’ in three out of the four ciphers.
Jerry West=44/100/143 *Wednesday=44/100/143
-Jerry West became a Hall of Famer in ’80, 44 years ago
-Tonight is the 80th game of the NBA Playoffs
Jerry West=55 (the logo became him in ’69, 55 years ago)

The NBA Finals was coined in ’86, and now Jerry West is dead at 86 before Game 3 of the 2024 championship match, with the Boston Celtics up 2-0 on the Dallas Mavericks.
-Society of Jesus=56

The Celtics come into this game with 56 all-time losses in the Finals.

The Celtics are now 81-56 in NBA Finals. The next game of the Playoffs is the 81st of the NBA Playoffs.
Ritual=81 & 81 *Jerry Alan West=81 *Celtics could fall to 81-58 if they lost next two

Keep in mind the Boston Celitcs are going for their 18th championship all-time.
Jerry Alan West=171 (18th tri. number)
Finals=61 (18th prime number)

Jordan has responded within an hour to Jerry West’s passing news.

Keep in mind Jordan turned 61 years old on February 17, 2024.

Again, Game 4 will be the 81st game of the 2024 NBA Playoffs, and the Celtics are currently on 81 all-time NBA Finals wins.

Church of the Gesus (Building 54) is the Jesuit HQ *Jesuit Order=54 (Sorry Hunter Biden, age 54 found guilty)

Read about Kobe’s death 243 days after Jerry West’s 81st birthday.

*Donald Trump, winner of the 58th election. *President Trump=81 (Could Celtics become 81-58 in tribute?)

Notice the Kobe and Jerry West photo. Where Kobe score 81 points in his 666th game, Jerry West has died 6 days after the Finals began on 6/6, while the Celtics are on 81 championships.

171, 18th triangular number (Jerry West was 1-8 in Finals)
-West was 0-6 vs. the Celtics and 1-2 vs. the Knicks
-Today is 6 days after the Finals began on 6/6
-*West became 0-5 vs. the Celtics in ’68 (RFK assassination year)
-*West became 0-4 vs. the Celtics in ’66 (Finals began on 6/6)
180 is a lot like 18
Jesuit Order=54 *Sun=54
Game 4 (next, on Trump’s birthday), will be the 81st of the NBA Playoffs. *Ritual=81 & 81

Keep in mind Jerry West has died 18 days before Joe Mazzula’s 36th birthday, and both men went to the same college, West Virginia. *IHS=18 & 36

West Virginia is the 35th state and Mazzula is 35 at the time

If Celtics sweep the Mavs, they would do it in their 18th game of the Playoffs, June 14, 2024, on Donald Trump’s 78th birthday.

*Game 1 was the 78th game of the Playoffs, in the 78th NBA season. The 81st game is on Donald Trump’s 78th birthday. And recall the 2016 GOP Convention in Cleveland after LeBron won the real King James birthday. Again, there are 78 cards in the Tarot Deck, and the top 22 are Trump Cards.

Jerry West won the championship in ’72, reminding us that Joe Biden, who got 81 million votes, beat Donald Trump in 2020, becoming 4-6 in NBA Finals

Notice where the 81 and 72 connect with Biden & Trump.

Again, the election, November 5, 2024, would have been Bill Walton’s 72nd birthday. He is part of the ’71-’72 perfect ULCA team, and died at 71. *Celtics=71 (Joe Biden’s S.S. name is Celtic)

Keep in mind Game 4 is on Donald Trump’s 78th birthday, and this is the 78th NBA Championship, which began on the Boston Celtics 78th birthday (also the BAA’s 78th birthday), June 6, 2024.

Jerry West is dead 6 days after the June 6, or 6/6 birthday.
The NBA Finals=666 (Sumerian Gematria)

Think about MAGA, the Church of Satan & 666.

Game 4 is the only game that isn’t played three days after the last. They had to put it on Trump’s 78th birthday, June 14, 2024 (also the US flag’s birthday).

Think about how they’re tying Samuel Alito, to flags, and to Donald Trump through January 6, who has the same birthday as the US Flag.

West was in the NBA when JFK was assassinated & RFK were assassinated. Again, these Finals have been in huge tribute to those events. And in light of the Kennedys in the 78th NBA season (Kennedy=78, NBA Finals=78, Miriam Adelson 78 years old), notice that West joined the NBA in ’60 & ’61, and JFK was elected in ’60, and took office in ’61.

And in light of West dying at age 86 on a Wednesday, named after Mercury, notice the last game the WNBA’s Mercury played was vs. Dallas, who the Celtics are facing in the Finals…

Today is #41’s birthday.

George H.W. Bush would be 100 days. *Wednesday=100 *Jerry Alan West=100

George H.W. Bush was in Skull and Bones.

Today leaves 202 days in the year.

Dallas=41 (The Mavericks are 40-48 vs. the Celtics all-time)

Today is the 179th day of the Pope’s age (41st prime).

Skull and Bones is known as the ‘Brotherhood of Death.’ Recognize how the Mercury’s last game was 97-90, thus they won with 97, and 187 points were scored in the game.
Brotherhood of Death=187 & 97

Also, notice the game before that, the Mercury won with 81 over Minnesota, the original home of the Lakers. What are the odds of that?

There were 161 points scored in that game.

That game was on June 7, or 6/7. Notice the ‘West’ connection.


  1. GregRamsey74 on June 12, 2024 at 12:12 pm

    He died 201-days before Lebron James’ birthday;”Lebron James” = 66;”NBA Logo” = 66
    The Lakers beat the Celtics in the 2010 Finals on Michael Jordan’s birthday(last meeting in the finals)
    *Lakers won in 2010 over the Celtics with 83-points;”Murder” = 83
    “2024 NBA Finals” = 86
    “2024 NBA Finals Game 3” = 61
    West died a span of 1600-days from Kobe’s death, as well as dying on the 16th day of his own birthday
    He died a span of 179-days from Larry Bird’s 68th birthday(179, the 41st prime)
    “Dallas” = 41;”2024 NBA Finals” = 41;”West” = 41
    “Championship” = 68(year of RFK’s and MLK’s assassinations);”Basketball” = 68;”Logos” = 68(word of God)
    “Championship” = 193(44th prime);”Jerry West” = 44;”Wednesday” = 44;”Kill” = 44
    West also died 188-days after Bird’s 12/7 birthday;”Bavarian Illuminati” = 188/127
    He died on the 17th day of Bill Walton’s death date;”NBA” = 17
    His death came 146-days before Walton’s birthday, matching Trump’s birthday(flag day)14/6
    He also died 161-days before Joe Biden’s birthday;”Game Three” = 161

  2. Truther on June 13, 2024 at 1:39 am

    How come you don’t talk about this?

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