Jessie Reyez debut album March 27, 2020 in light of the drowning of Naya Rivera on July 8 & the death of Bill Withers March 30, 2020

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers

This is about the drowning of Naya Rivera, while Jessie Reyez is 29 years old, the first number having master number 11 numerology.

Naya Rivera acted in the film At the Devil’s Door and she was found in Devil’s Canyon of Lake Piru… and Piru means devil.

Read about Naya Rivera, Jim Morrison, and 74:

This artist Jessie Reyez can really sing, and they have her singing some REALLY dark shit. Like Bill Withers, her career started late, and this year, 2020, just before her 29th birthday, she got her first album published, March 27, 2020, just 3 days before Bill Withers died, March 30th. Bill Withers could really sing too, and in the same way he is connected to the Naya Rivera death through “Just the Two Of Us”, Jessie Reyez connects through Eminem and the song she did with him, ‘coffin’. Will Smith also factors in, who covered Bill Withers “Just the Two Of Us”, the words of Naya Rivera’s last tweet. Of course, Eminem used those word in ’97 Bonnie & Clyde, a song about drowning a woman.

This album released on the 87th day of the year.

Naya Rivera was born in ’87, and died on 8/7, July 8.

Naya Rivera’s body was found the day that Cory Monteith died, 7 years earlier, July 13, 2013. They both starred in Glee.

Naya Rivera’s death also came on the 174th day of Music to be Murdered By’s existence, Eminem’s album.

Naya Rivera was found on the 6th day. The number of the beast is 666.

Read more about the larger ritual here regarding Eminem: and:

Read more about Bill Withers relation to the ritual here:

The album released 103 days before Naya Rivera’s death, July 8.

103, 27th prime; Ritual = 27


Notice how the album connects with Lake Piru in a second way.

Saturn = 93 *Death, Judgement, Time

Lake Piru = 93

At the Devil’s Door debuted 9/3, March 9

Bill Withers death news was saved for April 3, the 93rd day of the year

Naya Rivera disappeared 93 days after Maeve Kennedy and her son were found.

Now notice how the name Jessica Reyez fits in.

Read about the 179 ritual with Naya Rivera dying 179 days after her birthday:

7/8/2020 = 7+8+20+20 = 55 *Date Naya Rivera drowned *Satan = 55

Catholic = 71 / 145

179, 41st prime *Glee Curse = 41

79, the 20th prime *Glee = 20 *Time = 20

June 12? Ephesians 6:12

Her supposed hometown is Toronto, a Jesuit stronghold.

You’d never guess she was from Canada. Southern California though? Sure.

7/9/2020 = 7+9+20+20 = 56

Remember, the news of Naya Rivera’s death was July 9, 2020, the 191st day of the year, and a date with 56 numerology. It was also 187 days before her January 12, 2021 birthday.

And all of this is going down while Will Smith is 51 years old.

Conspiracy = 51 / 123

Naya Rivera = 51; Lake Piru = 51

Remember, Kobe Bryant died 123 days after Will Smith’s birthday.

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