Naya Rivera’s last Instagram post, “Just the two of us”, in light of Eminem and Bill Withers

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Conspiracy = 51


Naya Rivera’s last Instagram post was “just the two of us”, Bill Wither lyrics, but also ’97 Bonnie and Clyde lyrics.

Read about Naya Rivera’s July 9 disappearance news:

Read about Eminem’s July 9, 2020 news:

Read about Bill Withers death here:

In light of the news being on July 9, or 9/7, like 97, the ’97 Bonnie and Clyde parallel is very interesting. As you read the lyrics, keep in mind Naya Rivera was with Big Sean, the rapper, who claims Detroit as his home, the same as Eminem.

Read about the death of Maeve Kennedy and her son in a canoe, who were found dead on the 97th day of the year:

They disappeared April 2, the 93rd day of the leap year, and 97 days before Nya Rivera disappeared:

From their bodies being found April 6 to Rivera’s disappearance was 93 days later, connecting to ‘Lake Piru’.

Saturn = 93

And Rivera was 33 years old.

The news of her disappearance and possible death came a span of 102 days from the death of Bill Withers.

And remember, the news of Bill Withers death was saved for April 3, 2020, typically the 93rd day of the year in non leap years.

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