Jill Biden says Joe Biden had so many hopes, July 16, 2022, her 44th day of her age

Federal Government News Predictive Programming


He had so many hopes? What is he, dead? This news comes July 16, 2022, Jill’s 44th day of her age, reminding that Joe was VP to #44, Mr. Hope and Change, Barack Obama.
Joe Biden = 44
Hope = 44

As we know, 44 is a fateful number, and this comes in the time of ‘Cancer.’
Cancer = 44
Chemo = 44
Kill = 44
Execution = 44
Shooting = 44


  1. Keenan on July 17, 2022 at 12:13 am

    Jill was also in the news for comments comparing latinos to tacos on the 39th day of her age, 7/11, where “taco” equals 39.

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