Jim Inhofe, dead at 89, exactly 79 weeks after leaving office, July 9, 2024

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Jim Inhofe is dead at 89, in 2024 (89, 24th prime — Inhofe=24).


He has died 235 days after his birthday *The Society of Jesus=235

He died on July 9, or 7/9. *Society of Jesus=79 *Murder=79

He has died exactly 79 weeks after leaving office.

Keep in mind it is the 191st day of the year. *Society of Jesus=191 & 79

The date can be written 9/7. *Death=97

He took office on his 60th birthday, and has died on 60 date numerology, before the 60th US Presidential Election (7+9+20+24=60).

And keep in mind he represented Oklahoma, the 46th state, going with Joe Biden, #46, and all the tributes to JFK, who was killed at 46, just south of Oklahoma, in Dallas.
-Trump was also born in ’46

And notice he took office just before Joe Biden’s counterterrorism legislation passed on February 10, 1995, just before the Oklahoma City bombing, April 19, 1995, 153 days later.

Never forget the long list of 144 with the Jesuits, or that 153 is the other half.
Jesuit Order=144 & 153
President Biden=144
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building=144
The United States of America=144
-144,000 chosen in Bible
-153 fish in the miraculous catch

Here’s a reminder of Inhofe talking up the post-9/11-America and counterterrorism legislation in 2011.


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