Jimmie Johnson withdraws from Chicago race after murder-suicide in his family, June 27, 2023 news

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This news broke June 27, the day leaving 187 days in the year. Of course 187 is a homicide code used by police. Furthermore, the murder was the day prior, June 26, 83 days before Jimmie Johnson’s upcoming birthday.
Murder = 83

It was also a span of 84 days from his birthday and he drives the #84 car in NASCAR.

And in light of the numbers, Jimmie Johnson is on 83 career wins at the moment.


  1. dmh1437 on June 30, 2023 at 2:22 am

    18th NASCAR race of season
    Grant Park 220
    Ulysses S Grant (18th POTUS)
    Withdrawal of #84 leaves Johnson on 689 races
    Grant d.o.d. 7/23/1885
    Span of 50,383 days
    5071st prime which is 689th prime
    Shooting 27 days before 7/23
    Race on 2/7
    Span 7 months 23 days after Johnson bought shares of Legacy Motor Club
    Race on Richard Petty’s 86th birthday
    Shooting 191 days after 12/17
    43rd prime
    Petty drive #43
    Race 197 days after 12/17
    Chandra Johnson d.o.b. 7/16
    197th doy
    Interesting that the shooting was 6771 days of their marriage
    Race is 77,983 days (6771st prime) after Albert Pike’s d.o.b.

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