Joaquin Rafael Phoenix being up for Oscar’s best actor in light of deaths of Kirk Douglas, Orson Bean & Paula Kelly

Entertainment Murder by Numbers

In the week leading up to the Oscars, where Joaquin Phoenix is nominated for best actor, for ‘Joker’, we saw the death of Kirk Douglas, who once stared in the film Oscar, at age 103.

Kirk Douglas died on his 59th day of his age.

*Joker released October 4, 2019, the 277th day of the year (277, 59th prime)

We also saw the death of comedian (joker) Orson Bean.

Orson Bean was 91-years-old, meaning he was in his 92nd year of his life, and his death came two days before the 92nd Oscars.

Then the day of the Oscars, we had the death of 76-year-old Paula Kelly, a black actress, not unlike the black female actress who is the love interest in Joker.

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