Joe Biden makes ‘cannon’ claim regarding Second Amendment, on same day Cannon Building is evacuated in Washington D.C., on Joe Burrow’s 56th day of his age, February 3, 2022

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This news comes February 3, 2022, the same day the Cannon Building was evacuated in Washington D.C. And notice Biden’s remarks about the Second Amendment and ‘cannon.’

This news comes on the 34th day of the year.

Notice where ‘cannon,’ ‘Biden,’ and ‘Burrow’ come together.

97, 25th prime number

Cannon Building = 139 (34th prime)
Gun Control = 139

Today is Joe Burrow’s 56th day of his age.

Once again, Joe Burrow transferred to LSU the same day LSU great Billy Cannon died, May 20, 2018, the same day in history Ignatius of Loyola was shot with a cannon, a man who would die in 1556, and who founded the Society of Jesus.

Now, Joe Burrow is on his way to Super Bowl 56, and in the 2022 NFL Playoffs, he will have faced the Raiders, Titans, Chiefs and Rams, the four teams that Billy Cannon was a member of in his NFL career.

Again, Super Bowl 56 is on Pope Francis’s 59th day of his age, and Billy Cannon died in St. Francisville.
Pope Francis = 59
Billy Cannon = 59
LSU Tigers = 59
-Cannon won Heisman in ’59
-Joe Biden won 59th Presidential Election
-Joe Biden won in 2020, like Joe Burrow, who won college championship

Making matters even more interesting, the Cannon Building is named after Joseph Gurney Cannon, who went to University of Cincinnati, like Burrow on the Cincinnati Bengals.

Joseph Gurney Cannon = 82 *Bengals in Super Bowl in ’82

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  1. NeoTheHacker on February 4, 2022 at 2:14 am

    Zach, they just changed Regina King’s birthplace to Los Angeles. It no longer says she’s from Cincinnati. Only a matter of time before Wikipedia changes it too, but all major articles are now saying she’s from Los Angeles.

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