Joe Burrow’s Instagram post prior to Super Bowl 56 (coming to a screen near you)

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Is this guy the new Macaulay Culkin?

Coming soon to a screen near you = 136
-Joe Burrow, drafted on his 136th day of his age
-Mahomes laid down for Joe Burrow on his 136th day of his age
-136 is the 16th triangular number
-Joe Burrow is going for his 16th career win in Super Bowl 56
-Joe Burrow is the new Joe Montana, #16, who beat Bengals in SB 16

*This was Joe Burrow’s 135th post to Instagram
-Lookout for #136

And this image below was posted on ESPN’s NFL Instagram account on January 31.
Super Bowl = 131

And just for kicks, here is Lil Wayne’s latest Instagram post, the man who represents New Orleans, where Joe Burrow won the championship, LSU Tigers over Clemson Tigers. Notice the Bengals themed gear he is wearing.

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  1. dmh1437 on February 5, 2022 at 11:42 pm

    5/16 Eclipse
    136th day year
    157 days after Burrow d.o.b.
    SB concludes the 157th day of season
    121 days before Deshaun Watson 9/14 d.o.b.
    Which is 157 days after Madden d.o.b.
    Burrow/Madden and 121

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