Jury reaches guilty verdict in the federal hate crimes trial of the Ahmaud Arbery killers, February 22, 2022

Black Lives Matter Jesuit News Psychological Operation Racism


Recall, the Ahmaud Arbery killed was reportedly February 23, 2020, the 54th day of the year.
Ahmaud Arbery = 54
Jesuit Order = 54
*Baseball = 54
-Notice the detail in the story about 9:54

It was also synced with the death of Hank Aaron and the Atlanta Braves World Series win.
9 innings
54 outs

As for this ‘hate crime’ decision coming on February 22, 2022 the 53rd day of the year…
Hate Crime = 53 / 46
2/22/22 = 2+22+22 = 46

Read more about the Ahmaud Arbery psy-op here.

Update: And predictably, they are GUILTY.

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