McMichaels sentenced to additional life sentences for Ahmaud Arbery killing, August 8, 2022 (the white supremacy tribute)

Jesuit Legal Murder by Numbers News Shooting

Roddie got 35 years. Must be a coincidence. *Roddie = 35-35 is (8) in numerology (3+5=8)-Today is 8/8 And notice they bring this story back on 8/8, when the number is associated with white supremacy, because of Adolf Hitler, or Heil Hitler, or HH, where H is the 8th letter, thus 8 and 8. And…

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2 Louisiana deputies face manslaughter charges in fatal shooting of unarmed man, February 22 & 23, 2022 news (on ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ & Ahmaud Arbery Day)

Black Lives Matter Freemasonry Jesuit New World Order News Police State Psychological Operation Racism Shooting

This comes on the TWO year anniversary of the Ahmaud Arbery killing, February 23, 2020, and a day featuring a new update in the ongoing George Floyd story.Jesuit Order = 54 (54th day of year)2/23 date (Masonic = 223) With regards to it being in Louisiana, and the George Floyd story being in Minnesota, along…

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Jury begins deliberations in the civil rights case of 3 ex-officers involved in George Floyd’s death, February 23, 2022, on two year anniversary of Ahmaud Arbery killing

Black Lives Matter Jesuit News Police State Psychological Operation Racism

This news comes on February 23, the two-year anniversary of the Ahmaud Arbery killing in GEORGia, prior to the big news with GEORGE Floyd. Again, both incidents were made for TV and nothing more than propaganda of the Jesuit Order, thus the 54th day of the year ritual.Ahmaud Arbery = 54Jesuit Order = 54 And…

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February 23 is officially known as Ahmaud Arbery Day in Georgia & across the U.S. (& the new 2.23-mile run)

Black Lives Matter Entertainment News Racism Sports

How nice, the 2.23-mile run to remember February 23, or 2/23. And once again, this Ahmaud Arbery shooting was part of the Atlanta Braves rigged World Series.223, 48th primeAtlanta = 48-Feb. 23, 54th day of the year–Ahmaud Arbery = 54–Baseball = 54 In light of the new Ahmaud Arbery Day, think of MLK Day, who…

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Jury reaches guilty verdict in the federal hate crimes trial of the Ahmaud Arbery killers, February 22, 2022

Black Lives Matter Jesuit News Psychological Operation Racism Recall, the Ahmaud Arbery killed was reportedly February 23, 2020, the 54th day of the year.Ahmaud Arbery = 54Jesuit Order = 54*Baseball = 54-Notice the detail in the story about 9:54 It was also synced with the death of Hank Aaron and the Atlanta Braves World Series win.9 innings54 outs As for this ‘hate…

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Sentencing hearing from Ahmaud Arbery killers comes 44-days after guilty verdict, January 7, 2022

Black Lives Matter Jesuit Legal Murder by Numbers News Psychological Operation Recall, these three men were found guilty on November 24, 2021. From that day to today is 44-days later.Georgia = 44Execution = 44Kill = 44 / 17 (1/7 sentencing) It is also 97-weeks and days since the February 23, 2020 reported killing.Brunswick, Georgia = 97Death = 97 And in light of all of this…

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All three men found guilty in Ahmaud Arbery killing, November 24, 2021, on what would have been Ahmaud Arbery’s 201st day of his age

Jesuit Legal Murder by Numbers News Psychological Operation

This news comes November 24, 2021, the day leaving 37 days in the year, or a span of 38.Georgia = 37Shooting = 37*Murder = 38 Again, this is Jesuit ritual.Three = 56Society of Jesus = 5611/24/21 = 11+24+21 = 56 And this comes on the back of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, where the shooting happened…

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911 call in Ahmaud Arbery trial was evidence piece #144

Jesuit Legal News Psychological Operation If you’re watching the trial, you might have noticed the judge said the 911 call was evidence piece numbered 144.Jesuit Order = 144 / 72 / 54Ahmaud Arbery = 72 / 54 The 911 call was about a “black man running down the street.” Of course, the story is they thought Arbery had stolen…

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Defense rests in Ahmaud Arbery killing trial, November 18, 2021

Black Lives Matter Government News Psychological Operation Secret Societies Notice that the defense rests on November 18, 2021, the 322nd day of the year, for the killers of Ahmaud Arbery, and that killing reportedly took place on February 23, or 2/23, similar to 223, the reflection of 322. What are the odds?

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Kyle Rittenhouse & Ahmaud Arbery trials at the same time of the 117th World Series (rigged sports & news)

Black Lives Matter Federal Government Gun Control Jesuit News Psychological Operation Kyle Rittenhouse is on the stand for ACTING in selfdefense. In light of his supposed shooting coming on the corner of 56th Street, notice where his name fits in with the Jesuit Order, equating to 72. Rittenhouse is reportedly a big Trump supporter. Keep in mind this trial is taking place at the same…

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