Karine Jean-Pierre gives her first White House press briefing on the 277th day of her age, as the first black person to hold the position, May 16, 2022

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Karine Jean-Pierre’s first White House press secretary briefing comes on her 277th day of her age.
277, 59th prime
Slave = 59
Negro = 59
Blues = 59
Rasta = 59

Karine Jean Pierre = 87 / 102
Slavery = 87 / 102

Her official start date was 277-weeks after Obama left office, January 20, 2017.

Think of Ephesian 6:5-9.

And think of Acts 7:6, from the 44th book of the Bible. Obama, #44.

-59-years after 1717…
-59, 17th prime

Recall, Biden was the winner of the 59th U.S. Presidential “selection.”

And don’t forget this 59 ritual with Biden & Harris.

And don’t forget about this 59 ritual with Biden & Harris either.

And don’t forget about this 59 ritual with Kamala Harris and Jamaica from May 9, or 5/9.

And don’t forget about this 59 ritual with Kamala, Biden and Emmett Till.


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