Killer Mike & Ryan Glover launch Greenwood, a black owned bank, October 10, 2020 news

Black Lives Matter Catholic Church Jesuit News Racism

It’s not hard to see it is the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) behind this divide and conquer story. *For all the black people who think having your “own stuff” is helping bring unity, you’re definitely tripping. And let’s be real, you’re the same people who would be going apeshit if there was a new “white owned bank” in the news.

The main creator is Ryan Glover, and Killer Mike is the partner.

The bank was announced Thursday, October 8, 2020, the day leaving 84 days in the year.

Killer Mike’s birth name is Michael Santiago Render, equating to 201 and 102, big numbers with the Jesuits and their rituals.

Read more about the Jesuits and 201 here: and here:

Greenwood is the name, from Black Wall Street.

Where the BPP was founded.

Read about Chadwick Boseman’s death (Black Panther) and 106:

Think about BET and 106 and Park.

BET stands for Black Entertainment Television (more divide and conquer Jesuit crap).

And Bounce TV has that ‘Jesuit’ connection as well.

And you know the rest of the 42 list.

Last, from Killer Mike’s birthday to the October 10, 2020 press was 173 days later.

Recall this 173 ritual with George Floyd and Brady Bobb:

And here’s how Google clowns.

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