Kobe Bryant’s The Wizenard Series: Traininig Camp, released 157-days before Kobe’s 41st birthday

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The book released March 19, 2019, 157-days before Kobe’s 41st birthday. Of course, Kobe would end up dying on his 157th day of being 41-years-old, and those two numbers were prevalent throughout his playing career.

Notice the lead character’s name Rolabi Wizenard sums to 157.

‘The Wizenard Series’ ties in with the 251 / 54 pattern that runs throughout Kobe’s career, right into his death, a day after LeBron James passed him in points scored, scoring the 54th points of the game, on January 25, or 25/1, like 251, the 54th prime.

Recall, Kobe won the NBA Finals in the 54th NBA season, 251-days after the death of Wilt Chamberlain, who was from Philly, and died in LA, just like Kobe.  Kobe was also accused of rape a span of 54-days from his birthday, in a spa with 251 gematria.

Fairwood Community Center?  Training camp?

Again, Kobe is from Philadelphia.

And LeBron passed him on January 25, or 1/25, like 125.

Kobe’s wife’s birthday is May 5, the 125th day of the year.


Of course, Wizenard is a play on Wizard.

Kobe’s second book, Epoca, released 81-days after his birthday.

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