LeBron James signs $85 million extension on December 2, 2020

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Get that, $85 million on December 12, or 12/2, like 122.

Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85 / 122

And of course, ’85’ is the big basketball number.

Of course, the first March Madness was in ’85, and Catholic Villanova beat Jesuit Georgetown. In this case, the contract comes on a date with 54 numerology.

12/2/2020 = 12+2+20+20 = 54


17-2. Ad maiorem Dei gloriam.

And for one more, this comes 52 days after the Lakers won the Finals, October 11, 2020. And don’t forget the Lakers won 52 games in the regular season, in tribute to Pope Francis, as we covered.

And notice how Los Angeles Lakers and Pope Francis go together.

Kobe Bryant = 58

Pope Francis is named after St. Francis of Assissi, like ‘San Francisco’, on the 122nd Meridian, where the Satanic Church was established in 1966, 54 years before 2020.

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  1. Keenan on December 2, 2020 at 7:44 pm

    18 date numerology. Lakers going for #18!
    266 days after Anthony Davis’ birthday. 266 & the jesuits…with another finals win lebron is 5-6, society of jesus=56
    Today is the 165th day of frank vogel’s age. NBA Finals=165. Miami Heat fell to 16-5 in the playoffs by losing to the Lakers 2-4. Today is 201 days before Frank Vogel’s 48th birthday. frank vogel=48. the nba finals=48.
    Today is 67 days after Jeanie Buss’ birthday. King=67. Kobe=67 (Jewish). Kobe dead on 67 date numerology.

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