Marion Barber dead at 38, in Frisco, Texas, in a clear sacrifice ritual for Los Angeles’ Super Bowl 56 win, and right before the NBA Finals in San Francisco

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Marion Barber has been found dead in Frisco, Texas, at age 38, one day before the NBA Finals begin in San Francisco. As we know, 38 is the number of ‘death,’ but it also connects to ‘Finals.’
Finals = 38
Murder = 38
Killing = 38
Death = 38
RIP = 38
*Frisco = 38
*Marion = 38
*Minnesota = 38

“The Frisco Police” found him dead…

In light of Marion Barber being from Minnesota, recall the day before his death, Jeff Gladney, who played for the Vikings, was killed on Memorial Day, on the two year anniversary of George Floyd being killed on the corner of 38th Street and Chicago Ave. *Barber’s last season was with Chicago.

And don’t forget Vincent Jackson at age 38 either…

From the Super Bowl 56 date to his death was a span of 109-days, connecting with his name gematria and the fact that he was the 109th pick in the NFL Draft.
109, 29th prime
Football = 29

Super Bowl 56 was on February 13, in the (213) area code, and he was found dead on June 1, the day leaving 213-days in the year.

And notice the Dez Bryant quote in the headlines above, ‘down and out bad.’

Keep in mind, on the day of Marion Barber’s death in Texas, this story emerged about the hero at the barbershop in Uvalde.

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