Mariupol’s destruction becomes focus of Russian invasion and attack of Ukraine, March 22, 2022

Catholic Church Jesuit Knights Templar Military New World Order News Secret Societies War World War

Mariupol, no doubt, has been one of the key cities of focus in the Russian invasion of Ukraine story. Notice it is on the 47th Parallel North.
Ukraine = 47
Government = 47
Authority = 47
*News = 47
*Beast = 47
*Mariupol = 666

And recall, Ukraine popped off 47-weeks after the Jesuit Klaus Schwab’s birthday.

Coming back to the ‘beast’ thing, it rules for 42-months in Revelation.
Mariupol = 42 / 48
World War = 42 / 48
New Mexico = 42 / 48 (Where Baldwin killed Ukrainian woman on the set of RUST)
-Freemason = 42 / 48
-Illuminati = 48
-Jesuit = 42
-Much of Ukraine is on the 48th Parallel North

On March 22, 2022, they began showing how bombed out the town was.

Keep in mind Mariupol was established in 1778, meaning it becomes 244 years old in 2022.

Read more about Plutonium, Atomic Mass 244.

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  1. 357986 on March 23, 2022 at 11:13 pm

    Mariupol is pronounced ‘marry you Paul’. And today’s headline, ‘Poloncarz foresees ‘a pretty good deal’ ensuring Bills’ future in WNY’, with Paul and Bill in it, must be saying something! Note that ‘car’ in French means ‘because’. Something to do with Angel getting turned on cause I’m Bill’s, probably. So… youtube deleted my video and I had to edit it to make it fit on Bitchute. The typos part came out 😉

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