Michael K. Williams, who played Omar, died on Idris Elba’s birthday, who played Stringer Bell

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Michael K. Williams died on Idris Elba’s birthday, and Idris Elba became very famous after his role as Stringer Bell on The Wire, the show where Michael K. Williams made his claim to fame.

Again, Michael K. Williams died on a date with 56 numerology.
9/6/2021 = 9+6+20+21 = 56

The ABC Murders = 56 / 79
Society of Jesus = 56 / 79

And notice how Home Box Office fits in with the Jesuits and Michael K. dying at 54.

Read more about HBO and Society of Jesus here.

Read more about Michael K. Williams death here.

Credit to Perry Jones!

And here are more great observations by readers.

Notice how the death on 9/6 connects with his character name on Boardwalk Empire, Albert Chalky White, equating to 96.

And per Wikipedia, Williams’ first job was at Pfizer. This reader took it a bit further.

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