Mirrorball’s Xanadu performance on Masked Singer Australia the eve of Olivia Newton-John’s death, August 7, 2022

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This was a Season 4 tribute. *Four, associated with death

*78 relates to Tarot, Genesis 3:22, and the Jesuits… (7/8 date)
Grease released June 16, 1978 (Emphasis on ’78)

In light of this happening on the Australian version of the Masked Singer, the night before Olivia Newton-John’s death at 73, notice the #Gematria.
Masked Singer = 73, Australian = 73
Ritual Sacrifice = 73, Sacrifice = 73

And don’t forget her character was ‘Sandy’ in Grease. Recently, the Sandy Hook families just sued Alex Jones for millions, and Sandy Hook was a massive 73 ritual, on the 73rd Meridian West, by ‘Adam Lanza,’ aka SLIM.
Adam Lanza = 73
Elementary School = 73
Dunblane = 73
Dunblane on 73rd day of year
-Sandy Hook was compared to Dunblane in United Kingdom
–United = 73
–Kingdom = 73

She is also dead in 2022, and the Xanadu tribute goes back to 1806, 206-years ago.
Xanadu released August 8, 1980 (Olivia Newton-John = 80 / 206)
-She is dead on 42 year anniversary

Xanadu is also a bit like Xenu, or Xemu, essentially the God of Scientology.

This tribute to Olivia Newton-John took place the night before her death was reported, in her native country, Australia. Notice it was for her character in Xanadu, where she plays a Greek Muse (Greek, Greese…. Grease…). And that film released August 8, 1980, exactly 42-years to the day of her death.

And she died on a date with 58 numerology.
8/8/2022 = 8+8+20+22 = 58


The sun (a star) never sets on Britain.
London, England = 58
Freemasonry = 58
Secret Society = 58
Gregorian = 58
*Pope Francis = 58 (First Jesuit Pope)

She was a ‘Greek Muse’ in Xanadu.

ALSO, she died 49-days before her September 26 birthday, in the time of ‘Leo,’ and John Travolta is born February 18, the 49th day of the year.
Leo = 49 (The sun in astrology)
Sun = 54 (Travolta born in ’54) (Studio ’54)
-Xanadu is about a Dance Club
Helios = 68 (Travolta, ’68)
Planet = 68
-Solar System = 68
-Mathematics = 68
-Catholicism = 68
–Catholic = 145
–August 8 leaves 145 days in the year
-Recall where Mirrorball (Mirror Ball), the 6th track of the 8th album of Taylor Swift fits in with all of this
-It’s about a disco ball, like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

She also died from ‘cancer,’ ruled by the moon, on a Monday (Moon-Day). She died 44-years after the release of Grease in 1978.
Cancer = 44, Chemo = 44, Kill = 44

The moon is feminine.

Also part of the ritual is the fact an actor from Grease, Eddie Deezen, who is 65-years-old, born on the 65th day of the year, March 6, getting arrested in Maryland, the ’88’ state, on 8/8, the date of Olivia’s death.
Xanadu = 65


Born on the 65th day of the year, and 65, at the time of the ‘Xanadu’ ritual?

United Kingdom = 65
Knights Templar = 65
-UK and Templar history since 1128 (47th triangular number)
-UK and Catholic history (Vatican = 47)

And Maryland goes with the 8/8 (88 theme).

And Mary goes with the Catholic Church, and Monday is the Moon which is Mary.


And notice Xanadu has a lot to do with China and the Yuan Dynasty.

Jesuit controlled Google says it was declared on November 5, 1271
-Keep in mind this is a date that predates the Jesuits
-November 5 leaves 56-days in the year
-Society of Jesus = 56

But the Jesuits have been in China for a long time, so this could be a date of inspiration, especially in light of how Jesuit the death of Olivia Newton-John is.


Xanadu = 20
Kublai = 20 / 56

And for the clincher, John Travolta has the same birthday as Kublai Khan, only he was born February 18, 1954, which is the day in history the Church of Scientology was officially established.

Read more about the death of Olivia Newton-John here.


  1. TruthUK on August 10, 2022 at 3:59 am

    4 is also the sacred number of Hermes

    Mercury is currently in rulership in Virgo, meaning it is in strength

    Lots of mercury related stuff going on here in the UK

    • Rail Strikes
    • Energy Bills and Interest Rates going up
    • Four day heatwave

    And so on

  2. TruthUK on August 10, 2022 at 4:03 am

    • 88 recognised constellations
    • 88 days for Mercury to orbit the sun

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