Moderna vaccinations begin on Winter Solstice & the date of the Great Conjunction, December 21, 2020 +Joe Biden gets the shot

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277, 59th prime *Pope Francis = 59

And let it be known that the Moderna coronavirus vaccinations began in the United States, on December 21, 2020, the date of the Great Conjunction, and on the Winter Solstice, in the year we’ve been forewarned about the “darkest winter” coming. Of course, Joe Biden was one of the “TV people” to utter the phrase, during the debate with the other puppet, Trump. Anyhow, Biden also got his vaccine today, December 21, 2020, and adding insult to injury, he got it at exactly 3:22 in the evening. Watch the video here.

And likely not by chance, today is 201 days after Jie Biden’s birthday, which was on the 155th day of the year. *Coronavirus = 155

*The Jesuit Order = 201


  1. ronslater on December 21, 2020 at 8:15 pm

    And don’t forget to notice he was the perfect candidate for this ritual as it fell on a date with 46 numerology.
    3/3/40 = 46
    Catholic = 46 and Joe Biden is the 2nd Catholic and 46th President (probably) and his son died at 46.
    Things that make you go hmm… 🤔

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