Mossad was established December 13, 1949, 9 months and 11 days after the Pope’s birthday

Catholic Church Jesuit Jewish Related Military New World Order

In Jewish Gematria, all of the following equate to 911.
Vatican Hill = 911
al-Qaeda Terrorist Attack = 911
Tisha B’Av = 911
Jihadists = 911
Ossuary = 911 (Related to Knights Templar, which relates to Catholic Church…)

The reflection of 911 is 119.
Star of David = 119
Vatican = 119
*Francis = 119

Mossad also equates with ‘Catholic’, both equaling 71.

And notice Mossad was established on a date with 93 numerology.
12/13/1949 = 12+13+19+49 = 93

Think of the ’93 WTC bombing.

And with that in mind, think of the Dancing Israelis.


Notice where ‘Dancing Israelis’ fits in.

And recall, they were arrested at the Doric Apartment Complex.
Doric Apartment Complex = 322
-Number of Skull and Bones
-George W. Bush is a member (Sitting president at time of 9/11)
-Ancient Mystery Religions = 322
-Abrahamic Religions = 322

Of course, Skull and Bones gets their symbolism from the Knights Templar, who have their cross in the Jesuit Order’s logo.

With regards to that, Mossad was also established 79 days before the Pope’s upcoming birthday.
Society of Jesus = 79
Knights Templar = 79

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