NFL player Jerry Jeudy racially shamed on the ’59 date,’ May 12, 2022

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This news broke May 12, 2022, a date with 59 numerology, and yet again, a black male in the NFL is being shamed, a pattern we’ve seen countless times.
5/12/2022 = 5+12+20+22 = 59

Notice where the name ‘Jerry’ fits in as well.

The story came 18-days after Jerry Jeudy’s April 24 birthday.
Race = 18

The 18th chapter of Letters & Numbers is about how black men are shamed and killed by the code of 59 and 42.

This ritual comes 277-days from Super Bowl 57.
Jerry Jeudy = 57
Broncos Wide Receiver = 212
-Super Bowl on 2/12

Colorado = 83
Football = 83
-83, 23rd prime


  1. 357986 on May 13, 2022 at 9:46 am

    Awww! He answered!
    Je ris ( I laugh in French, silent ‘s’) after I posted a picture of myself in front of Kay’s fine Jewelry (Kay, nickname for Catherine, my name, is fine, Jew elle rit (silent t). I was in pain the other day when a physio overdid shoulder manipulation, the day Adreian Payne died (add re: I an -a hole – old code of ours… pain. Angel was telling me he felt the pain too. Now I’m ok, I told him so, and out comes Jude he, that’s my Angel who is Jewish, je ris, using my greeting.

    Another day, another message.

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