Nick Blixky, aspiring rapper, set to drop debut mixtape June 3, shot to death in Brooklyn, May 10, 2020

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A rapper killed in Brooklyn, New York, home of the Jews who are set to make a bundle on his mixtape that now has 100x the hype?

*Brooklyn, New York = 79 *Blixky = 79 *Murder = 79 

Don’t forget my book was banned by the Jews at Etsy in Brooklyn, New York on March 15, 2019, the 74th day of the year, after racking up 10,000 sales and having over 300 reviews, all 5 stars.  

He was killed on Winthrop Street.

Don’t forget that the date of this news, May 11, or 5/11, like 511, is connected to Saturn. RIP Bob Marley (93).

The album will release June 3, 2020 a span of 25-days from his May 10th death.

*Death sells and ‘mixtape’ has the connection as well.

As for him dying at age 21, 73 is the 21st prime.

He was killed on a date with 55 numerology, and ‘blood sacrifice’ sums to 257, the 55th prime. 5/10/2020 = 5+10+20+20 = 55

Last, his rap name, Blixky, has gematria in common with ‘murder’.

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