Novak Djokovic’s rigged French Open win, June 11, 2023 (and where Nikola Jokic fits in)

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Roland Garros = 74, Denver, Colorado = 74 (Roland Garros = 61, Finals = 61)

This was a very easy call after Nikola Jokic advanced to the NBA Finals on May 22, 2023, Novak Djokovic’s 36th birthday (French = 36). Of course, both men are Serbian sports stars, and they are both nicknamed “Joker,” going with Djokovic winning his 23rd grand slam event.
Joker = 23

On June 9, when Novak advanced to the June 11th final at the French Open, Jokic scored 23 points in his NBA game. Also, coming into that game, his team, the Denver Nuggets, was up 23 points on the Miami Heat for the series. And since they won by 13, they went up 36 for the series, matching the age of the tennis star.

Keep in mind the over / under was at 211 points for June 9, the day both Joker’s won big games.
211, 47th prime
Nikola Jokic = 47
France = 47

The first ever NBA Finals was in ’47.


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