Oluwatoyin Salau, Black Lives Matter activist, found dead, after being lured into a church by a “man of God”, June 15, 2020 news

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As you read below, notice the story about being lured back to the ‘church’. This news comes on a date with 61 numerology.

6/15/2020 = 6+15+20+20 = 61

*Church = 61; Jesus = 21; Cross = 21; Christian = 61; Christmas = 61

The Black Lives Matter protester, Oluwatoyin Salau, was sexually assaulted at a church?  As we’ve been saying, the Jesuits, or the Society of Jesus are clearly behind Black Lives Matter.  I think this story is symbolic about how a movement some people think is for good, BLM, is actually for an evil agenda, most people are not comprehending.

*Coronavirus = 56 *Mind Control = 56 *Toilet Paper = 56

This happened on June 6, or 6/6.  66, 11th triangular number; Black = 11

Think of the Bible and the 66. books.

The name ‘Salau’ also ties in with the Jesuits.

Read about 54, Black Lives Matter, and Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone:  https://gematriaeffect.news/the-chaz-seattles-capitol-hill-autonomous-zone-a-very-well-named-psychological-operations-and-now-the-chop/

The date she disappeared had 52 numerology.  6/6/2020 = 6+6+20+20 = 52

52 ties in with not only her name, but ‘I can’t breathe’, and ‘Minnesota’, where George Floyd *died.


*Tallahassee = 68

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