On September 11, 2001, Flight 11 hit at 8:46 AM & George Floyd was pinned with the knee for 8-minutes and 46-seconds

Coronavirus Government History New World Order Police State Racism

The 9/11 attack happened at 8:46 AM.

George Floyd was pinned 8-minutes 46-seconds.

Recall, the George Floyd story occurred in the Twin Cities, in the time of Gemini, the Twins, and of course, on 9/11, it was the Twin Towers.  And don’t forget that the incident with George Floyd happened the same day as the incident with Amy Cooper in Central Park.

It’s about controlling the mind’s of the masses, the all seeing eye.

119… 11/9… ninth day of eleventh month, September 11.


As we know, the coronavirus psy-op, is the 19-year-old continuation of the 9/11 agenda, building the police and surveillance state.

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