UK to scrap all remaining Covid restrictions next week, Saturday, February 19, 2022 news

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This announcement about Covid-19 came February 19, exactly 8-months after Boris Johnson’s June 19 birthday, or 35-weeks.Catholic = 35Holy See = 35Eye = 35-Roman Catholic = 219 (2/19 date) Notice he says the “surveillance systems” will remain in place, and vaccines will be used to control Covid-19 going forward. These devils. *Year of the Tiger…

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The Queen’s writer Peter Morgan and film director Stephen Arthur Frears, plus the film’s 96 awards topped off with Helen Mirren’s Oscar for best actress at the 79th Ceremony on the 56th day of the year, February 25, 2007

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Per IMDB, the Queen won 96 awards. And of course, the Queen is in her 96th year of life and approaching age 96, which she will turn on April 21, 2022. On top of that, Helen Mirren, who played the Queen, is born July 26, 96-days after Queen Elizabeth, who was born on April 21.…

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U.K. puts out warning for 300k+ Brits living with “stealth heart disease” who could be dead in next 5-years, January 26, 2022

Coronavirus Murder by Numbers New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Population Control Predictive Programming Over 55s? So… 56? Recall, the UK strain, 56% more infectious. And never forget the 56-page winter plan, read by then 56-year-old Boris Johnson. And don’t forget when Boris Johnson locked down London, on Remember Remember, the 5th of November. And of course November 5 leaves 56-days in the year. And November 5 is…

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666 Days Later | The first case of coronavirus in the U.K., to the arrival of Omicron (January 31, 2020 – November 27, 2021)

Biblical Catholic Church Coronavirus Jesuit New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Psychological Operation

Would you believe that from January 31, 2020, when the first cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the U.K., to November 27, 2021, when the first cases of the “Omicron” variant were confirmed in the UK, is 666 days later.Omicron = 87Bill Gates = 87Number of the Beast = 87-666, the number of the beast…-Vaccination…

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FDA panel recommends Pfizer’s Covid booster for people 65 and over, starting September 20, 2021

Coronavirus Federal Government News Pharmaceutical Tyranny 65 and over, eh? We’ll call this the boost the baby boomers to the grave jab, and as they say, the third one is the charm.Pandemic = 65Event 201 (65 million die in the simulation)Event 201 on the 65th day of Melinda Gates ageBill Gates married Melinda 65 days after his birthday (January 1,…

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Plymouth, England shooting of August 12, 2021 & suspect Jake Davison

Catholic Church Jesuit Mass Shooting New World Order News Politics Psychological Operation Shooting Notice the gematria of ‘Plymouth, England’. Of course 187 is associated with the Jesuits, the Holy Roman Empire, and MURDER. Another number connected to killing and the Jesuits is ’86’. Adding insult to injury, this ritual came 54 days after Boris Johnson’s birthday. Read more about the Jesuits, 86, and 10 Downing Street here.…

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With 56% of US adults vaccinated, Joe Biden wants the number to be 70% by July 4, 2021

Coronavirus Federal Government News Pharmaceutical Tyranny These same stats are being used in all media, with “56%” of US adults vaccinated, the President wants the mark to be 70%. Independence Day = 70Think of the 56 signers on the Declaration of Independence Think of the the UK strain, where it was first said to be 70% more infectious, before being…

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London Bridge is down on Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday, and King Charles isn’t too far off, April 21, 2021

Government New World Order News Police State Royal Family They were called at 11:33, April 21, 2021, on the Queen’s 95th birthday. And with regards to the Queen, the codename for the operation after her passing is ‘London Bridge’. And here is Anthony C. Davison’s post on the matter. Notice how ‘London Bridge Is Down’ equates to 95, and the Queen turns 95…

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Prince Philip, dead at 99, April 9, 2021, the 99th day of the year

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Prince Philip has died at age 99, April 9, 2021, the 99th day of the year.Elizabeth Alexandra Mary = 99 (Queen’s birth name) He has died 62 days before his birthday, June 10, 2021. Queen = 62, Sacrifice = 62, Mountbatten = 62 He was married to the Queen for 73 years (21st prime) and…

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