Peter Finch’s death after playing Howard Beale in Network, and his posthumous Oscar at the 49th Academy Awards

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From the release of Network, November 27, 1976, to the death of the star actor, Peter Finch, who played Howard Beale, was a span of 49 days.

He became the first actor to win a posthumous Academy Award, at the 49th Academy Awards.

From the release of the film to the awards on March 28, 1977, was 121 days later.

Keep in mind Network is 2:01 in length.

Keep in mind ‘Network’ released on the day leaving 34 days in the year.

331, 67th prime *Blood Sacrifice = 67

It released on a date with 114 numerology, and Peter Finch died on January 14, or 1/14, like 114.

And notice the overlap with ‘Network’ and ‘murder’.

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