Philadelphia SEPTA bus stop shooting of March 7, 2024

Gun Control Mass Shooting News

30 shots at 3 PM? Looks like another 33.
*Police=33 & 30 *Order=33 *Secrecy=33 *Masonry=33 *Federal=33

Consider this came the day of the State of the Union, in Biden’s home state, Pennsylvania. And he is another President working to undermine the Second Amendment.

In the case it took place at the SEPTA bus stop.
SEPTA=61 & 74 *Active Shooter=61 & 74 *Philadelphia=61

This also took place on March 7, or 3/7.
Shooting=37 *Joe Biden=37 *Congress=37

Again, Biden addressed Congress in the SOTU on this day.


  1. xpltr on March 8, 2024 at 11:41 am

    Great job seeing this one, I saw the coding before you posted and wondered if you’d post. CNN always use the 33 codes on every post about their fake “mass shootings”. I figured they’d do one on 3/6 and its on a wendsday their usual fake “shooting” day.
    Plus, they orchestrated this at a Philedelphia public bus transit system the same day the NYC witch governor Hochul announced NYC will have more than 1,000 National guard assigned to the NYC subway systems with police checking commuter’s bags which are violations of citizen’s 4th amendment rights against warrentless searches.
    So it served them good to pull off a fake “shooting” in a public transit the same day….to “justify” their police state in NYC. And since NYC is anti 2nd Amendment, they also did this to keep legal concealed carry holders from carrying on transit to defend themselves yet Hochul calls in the National Guard to stand there with AR-15s…
    An NYC resident with a police scanner said he heard multiple agencies say they were doing training drills in multiple sections of NYC. They’re preparing for this scripted blackout they’ve planned.
    NYC Hochul and “mayor” Adams are completely controlled by the WEF and global bankers since New York is the “Financial Capital” of the U.S…collapse New York and Wallstreet then the dollar collapses and they can easily bring in the digital currency mark of the beast.
    Back to the CNN Philly post, heres some more they used:
    Posted 9:06….. their 666 inversion
    Said “16 year-old shot 9 times” ..again 66 inversion
    They kept repeating “Its hard to sit here and see in 3 days” and “acts we’ve seen over last 3 days” in same paragraphs, their 33.
    “3 people got out of a car and fired 30 times”…33
    Also, “Homicides are down 30% this year against 2023” again their 33.
    And “Seventy-one mass shootings had been reported in the U.S. in the first 66 days.” Their 666 again.
    Keep decoding their lies.

  2. ceepup on March 8, 2024 at 12:49 pm

    Here From Philadelphia: Philadelphia SEPTA bus stop shooting of March 7, 2024. Offering $20,000.00 reward for the arrest if the suspects. The incident took place onboard a Route *79 SEPTA bus near South Broad Street and Snyder Avenue back on Tuesday, March 5, around 6:40 p.m.
    Police said *37-year-old suspect and an unidentified man were both on the bus when they began arguing. The unidentified man then pulled out a gun and shot the other guy multiple times, according to investigators. He died from his injuries.
    Around 3:45pm Ogontz and Godfrey avenues at the route *6 SEPTA out bus. (*6th church of Philadelphia).Two gunmen fired into a group of young people at a North Philadelphia bus stop after school on March 4, 2024, Philadelphia police said. Bullets struck 5 people, killing a 17-year-old. Suppose had been 50 shots from an automatic weapon.The 17 year old was described as a “joyful” Philadelphia high school student.

  3. ceepup on March 8, 2024 at 12:53 pm

    President Joe Biden visited Philadelphia to start his campaign Friday 3/8/2024 (38)

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