Priest and six law enforcement officers killed in Russia, Sunday, June 23, 2024

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At least 6 dead and 12 injured? 612, again? For example, the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting was 612 days after the last big Florida shooting, which was on June 12, or 6/12, in Orlando.
*Valentine=102 *Police=102

This news comes June 23, 2024, the day leaving 191 days in the year.
Society of Jesus=191

191 also goes with ‘active shooter.’ *Active Shooter=191

And notice how this happened in ‘Dagestan‘ Province. It has tremendous overlap with Catholic.

Father Nikolay=71 & 145 (the most gruesome detail in the story) (below)

Today is 224 days after the Superior General’s November 12 birthday.
The Society of Jesus=224 & 71

The divisors of 84 sum to 224. *Jesuit=84 *The Jesuit Order=84 *Sunday=84

Today is exactly 32 weeks after the Superior General’s birthday as well (Nov. 12, 1948).

The first town listed in the story below is Derbent.

32 sun rays on the Jesuit logo.

Today is also the 190th day of the Pope’s age, and 190 is the 19th triangular number. Of course, in Tarot Cards, the 19th card is the Sun Card, and this happened on a Sunday.
Priest=33 *Sunday=33

Today is also the 175th day of the leap year. *Pope Francis=175

One of the towns attacked is Makhachkala. *Makhachkala=34 & 70 *Francis=34 & 70

75 miles? *New World Order=75 *The Superior General is 75 *Catholic Church=75 *Roman Catholic=75

These towns are in close proximity to each other on the 42nd Parallel.
Jesuit=42, Freemason=42, Zionist=42, *Gun=42 *Ammo=42 *War=42 *World War=42

Today is 260 day after Putin’s birthday and there are 260 chapters in the New Testmanet. The last is about warfare and destruction in the “end times.”
New Testament=42 *New=42
World War=42 & 48 (Derbent coordinates)

And the one town is on the 47th Meridian East. As we say, what is 47?
*Christian=47 *Government=47 *Authority=47
Makhachkala=65 *Christianity=65

These attacks on churches come 61 days before August 23, 2024, a historic day in Afghanistan in 2021, and a date that will mark 911 days after the war began between Russia and Ukraine, February 24, 2022.
Church=61 *Vatican=911

Today is also 93 days after the March 22 attacks in Russia, and in light of it being a Sunday, the sun is 93 million miles away on average (Order of Illuminati=93).

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