Prince’s Welcome 2 America announced the day before Prince Philip’s death, and set for July 30, 2021 release

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This comes on the back of Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America (Part 2)
And remember his brother, Charlie Murphy, died in a ritual related to Prince

This news came April 8, 2021, the 98th day of the year.

This news also came the day before the reported dead of Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip. And recall, Prince died April 21, 2016, on Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.

Also, don’t overlook that the date can be written 8/4, like 84.

Jesuit = 84 (The album was announced on 8/4, April 8)

And don’t forget Purple Rain was released in ’84 either, the album with I Would Die 4 U on it, and he died on 4/21, which is what 4 U is in gematria terms.


The album is set to release July 30, 2021.

Notice, that day leaves 154 days in the year.

Ritual Sacrifice = 154

It will be a date with 58 and 78 numerology.

Purple Rain = 58
Jesuit = 78 (7+30+20+21 = 78)

And don’t forget that Vanity died before the 58th Grammy’s.

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