R.I.P. to Mark Hamilton, April 26, 1990 – September 22, 2019 | A Gematria Genius with Tech Skills


As they say, the good die young. RIP to Mark Hamilton, who was a member of this community, who was busy developing software to help us with our cause, when he unexpectedly committed suicide on September 22, 2019. He also offered his services to Mark Passio, helping him out with his IT. You might recall that I uploaded a video about his passing last year after I was told of the news, in tears. It was one where I was driving, so sadly it isn’t backed up (unless someone out there downloaded it — and if you did, I would like for others to see it, because I said some things that were important for a lot of people to hear).

*The video I uploaded was deleted when Google took down my channel at the start of this year, 2020.

*And it had been uploaded just after Google took down my channel in the middle of September, right before Mark’s passing.

*My channel’s getting taken down has been in a common occurrence.

Anyhow, if you ever see trolls mentioning his name, or even using his name for their troll accounts, as they do, please ignore them. They’re truly evil. And to be clear, my relationship with Mark Hamilton was only through the telephone, as a regular caller of my daily sports show on Patreon, I knew him no further, but I was grateful for him and his efforts he was putting into the research. He intended to make software that would help make gematria more accessible to the masses, and no doubt, he had the mind to do it.

*Here’s an example of a troll using the name Mark Hamilton, which has been a common occurrence for over a year now.


  1. Andy Gadd on November 5, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    You are an excellent human being Zachary K. Hubbard.
    It is fact that God loves you, and strengthens you to break news in front of our mutual enemies..
    Long may you run.

  2. Asif Zaman on December 12, 2020 at 4:06 pm

    This Lol Lulz is yet another slanderer against you. It’s sad; when I was on Jeff Censored last night for his Friday night bone broth, someone made another similar accusation, although nowhere as extreme as what Lol Lulz is saying. The person was saying that you were arrogant in your position on Jeff, and I said “Really?” A few hours later, after the livestream was over, I vividly remembered that Jeff had himself made fun of the Police’s “Murder by Numbers” (1983) and how I brought up in the chat several weeks ago a question whether it was a reference to gematria. Jeff should not have laughed so intensely for that quarter minute or so, but he did. I also should have remember that time when the moderator told me not to “shill” for you, when all someone asked was some channels to go to learn about how the New World Order operates. Sounds kind of arrogant to me what Jeff did September and that moderator was rather dismissive of your ideas as well; I am considering unsubscribing from Jeff today, because a lot of these people are engaged in acts of projection where they are the shills or arrogant or whatever and they accuse you of what they themselves are, and it just ain’t right. I was researching for the significance of 90 because I happened to pass through the living room and my father was watching CNN and they kept using the number. 90 degrees and 90 seconds for Pfizer’s snake oil. In my research, I stumbled upon this article. Peace, brother.

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