R. Kelly sentenced to 30-years in prison, June 29, 2022, 172-days after his birthday & 47-weeks after Barack Obama’s

Black Lives Matter Celebrity Entertainment Federal Government Legal News Racism

Jesuit Order = 144 / 54
-Jesuits created to counter 95 Theses

R. Kelly was found guilty on September 27, 2021, the date the Jesuits were recognized by Rome, the day leaving 95-days left in the year. And notice the headline in Ukraine, which is another massive Jesuit ritual.


This decision comes 172 days after R. Kelly’s birthday.
Racketeering and Sex Trafficking = 172
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172
Jordan, born 17/2

And don’t forget R. Kelly was found guilty at age 54, on the most Jesuit day, September 27, 2021.
Jesuit Order = 54
Sun = 54 / 18
IHS = 18 / 18
R = 18 (Today is 180th day of the year)
R. Kelly’s birthday is 1/8
-Ad maiorem Dei gloriam is the Jesuit Order’s motto (172)

Keep in mind he is in his 56th year of life, and this decision comes 56-days after May 4, the date sentencing was originally scheduled for (while he was age 54).
Black Lives Matter = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Obama, winner of the 56th Presidential Election
*When you turn 55, you begin your 56th year of life

R. Kelly is from Chicago, the city connected to Michael Jordan and Barack Obama.
-Michael Jordan was born on 17/2 (February 17)

Also, the 30-years speaks to a historical pattern.
Slavery = 30 / 42
Nigger = 30 / 42
Tuskegee = 30 / 42
Bible = 30 (the story picks up with Jesus at age 30)
New Testament = 42 (42 generations to Jesus)
Math = 42

And tomorrow, June 30, his first full day in prison for the term, will be the 181st day of the year.
181, 42nd prime
Barack Obama = 181
Black History = 181
-This ruling comes 47-weeks after Obama’s August 4 birthday (born in ’61).
-Obama became President at age 47
-His VP was Biden, the 47th VP of the US
President = 47
White House = 47
-Government = 47
Authority = 47
Democrat = 47
-Republican = 47
-Trump = 47
-Time = 47
Judge = 47
Gavel = 47
–The president between Obama and Biden
–“I’ve done more in 47 months than you’ve done in 47 years.”

Obama is 60 right now *Nigger = 60

It also comes 36-days before his upcoming birthday.
666, 36th triangular number

You could also say a span of 37-days to his upcoming birthday.
Prison = 37
Chicago = 37

And this June 29 coming 275-days after being found guilty speaks to the feds.
Federal Government = 275

Again, this is a federal sentence (where the most corruption and fakery is).


  1. CJ Cheifer on June 29, 2022 at 5:40 pm

    There is an Elvis Presley connection and a Sylvester Stallone connection. Elvis Presley was born on 1-8-1936 and died at 42 years old. R. Kelly was born on 1-8-1967. 7×6=42. R. Kelly’s full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly. I looked up Sylvester Stallone, and his birthday is 7-6-1946. There’s your 7×6=42 again, and 4×6=24… 42/24. Also the first Rocky movie came out in 1976. Rocky Balboa, the character, is Robert Balboa in the script. Guess what? Stallone will be 76 in a few days.

    I’m doing date decodes and premiering right now, actually (for the first time). I’m decoding Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla, Franz Ferdinand and Ray Liotta a little. Musk has a WWI sync-up. Premier is almost over, but I’m looking to add moderators and build my lives somehow. Thank you Zach for your help in me getting more subscribers. You are awesome. Thank you. Here’s my premier link, if anyone’s interested: https://youtu.be/Y9BcHRSCC_M

  2. CJ Cheifer on June 29, 2022 at 5:44 pm

    Correction, Elvis was born in 1935, not 1936.

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