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  1. AnthonyCDavison on November 30, 2020 at 5:05 pm

    Just finished listening to the playback of yours and Jonathan’s most recent livestream: Have you considered giving him his own spot on this website like Rambo? Just a thought; anyway – I was listening to some of the words and phrases Jonathan was saying in passing and I noticed that:

    “Street Beef”= 105 (14th triangular) in Ordinal and 42 in reduction.

    “Homeboy”= 83 (O) 38 (R) 106 (RO) 25 (RR) – Surely a Murder/Rapper/Black/Death “Jackpot?”

    “Homeboys”=102 (O) 33 (RR)

    Apologies if you were already aware of these – hope you find this useful if you were not.

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