Rolling Stone’s The Passion of Kanye West cover and his recent anti-semitism debacle in the 246th year of the United States of America’s existence

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Rolling Stone drew a parallel to Mel Gibson with this cover, using in part the title of Mel Gibson’s film, The Passion of the Christ, but instead, titling it, The Passion of Kanye West. Of course, both men have been accused of being “anti-semites” for making remarks about what Jews in the show business industry are doing to their entertainers. They’re also very vocal Christians.

Notice that cover was from February 9, 2006, 246 days after Kanye West’s birthday, and now in the time of the United States being 246 years old, he has been labeled an anti-semite.

It goes with Adidas cutting Kanye and mentioning the loss of $246 million Euros in the fallout.

And notice on year after that cover was released, Kanye West was drawing another parallel to Gibson.

Also, on October 16, 2022, Kanye West’s remarks on NORE’s Drink Champs got him dubbed “anti-semitic.” Of course, that was the anniversary of the Million Man March, but also the day leaving 76 days in the year, a number connecting to Biblical prophecy.

Slave = 76
Negro = 76
Blues = 76
Rasta = 76
Acts 7:6 (44th book of Bible)
Barack Obama = 76 (#44)
-Abraham = 44
-Acts 7:6 pertains to Abraham

Don’t forget, the man who often dresses as Jesus at his concerts, was born on June 8, or 6/8.
Crucifixion = 68

And don’t forget he has rapped about being friends with CIA heads.
CIA = 68

He has also rapped about selling his soul for a happy meal.

And to bring it back to The Passion of the Christ, that film released on the 56th day of the year.
Society of Jesus = 56
Kanye = 56
NORE = 56

225 relates to the Holy Trinity

The CEO of Skechers is Jewish.

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