Rudy Giuiliani surrenders in Atlanta on August 23, 2023, on his 88th day of his age

Elections Federal Legal News Psychological Operation

Rudy Giuliani, surrenders in $150k bond agreement.

Illuminati = 150 (sun 150 mil. km away on avg.)
Order of Illuminati = 93 (Sun 93 mil. miles away on avg.)

Notice, he surrendered on his 88th day of his age.
Fulton County Jail = 88
The Republican Party = 88
Holy Roman Empire = 88
George Washington = 88
Trump = 88

And don’t forget 9/11 happened 107 days from his birthday, as the 107th mayor, and just prior to the October 7 invasion of Afghanistan (emphasis on 10/7).
Military = 107

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