Jericho, Ancient Energy Weapons and The Fall of the Georgia Guidestones

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The Georgia Guidestones were a centerpiece of mystery and prognostication about the future of the world for over forty years. Discussion of the more negative aspects of the messages contained on the stones was relegated to the realm of “conspiracy” even though the Guidestones spelled them out, and even though – over time – a…

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Sir Thomas More’s Utopia, and his death on July 6, 1535, 487-years before the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones

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Notice, Thomas More coined the term Utopia. And the TV show Utopia is about lowing the earth’s population to 500 million, the same number on the Georgia guidestones, that were destroyed July 6, 2022, the 487th anniversary of More’s death. 487 is the 93rd prime number.Order of Illuminati = 258 / 201 / 93-Utopia released…

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The death of Robert C. Cook at 92, in light of what is written on the Georgia Guidestones

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Uranium (Atomic Number 92)-Bombs partly made out of UraniumGeorgia Guidestones = 92Robert C. Cook died at age 92-The Guidestones were likely in tribute to Robert C. CookJapan signed surrender on Sep. 2 (9/2)-After being bombed BIG TIMEOKC Fed. Building blew up at 9:02 AM-The cause of the explosion was a lieFirst plane shown flying into…

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The Callippic Cycle and the Georgia Guidestones opening on March 22, 1980, when Robert C. Cook was 81-years-old

Astrology Catholic Church Explosion Jesuit Knights Templar New World Order News Population Control Predictive Programming Secret Societies,the%2019%2Dyear%20Metonic%20cycle. As we know, the monument is likely in tribute to Robert Carter Cook, was 81 when the Georgia Guidestones were erected. It is similar to how the establishment date for the Guidestones is March 22, the 81st day of the year.The Callippic Cycle = 81Callippic = 81-Ritual = 81 / 81-In the time of…

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The Georgia Guidestones demise on July 6, 2022, and eugenicist Robert Carter Cook’s death at age 92

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Read about the research done on the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones. Georgia Guidestones demise on July 7, George W. Bush’s 76th birthday–Skull and Bones = 76-Daniel Coit Gilman = 76–RC Christian = 76–Astronomical = 76 (The Georgia Guidestones were astronomical)–*Charlie Daniels dead on July 6 In this post we attempt to answer the question,…

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Meme of Trump blowing up the Georgia Guidestones appeared June 20, 2022, 16-days before the demolition of the structure

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Read more about the Georgia Guidestones destruction here. It was first published on Truth Social on July 2, but first published online on June 20.President Trump = 72Jesuit Order = 72 The first meme was published June 20, 2022, 16-days before the explosion.Yale = 16 As we know, Skull and Bones, of Yale, is behind…

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Charlie Daniels July 6, 2020 death, and the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones July 6, 2022

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Remember when we said Georgia would beat Alabama in the college championship before Week 2 of the season was even played? And remember how after it happened I showed how it was synced up with Charlie Daniels and his song ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia?’ After I showed that, I said Georgia better look…

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Swahili and Hindi stone destroyed in Georgia Guidestones explosion of July 6, 2022, one day after CERN activation

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The stone destroyed at the Georgia Guidestones was the one with the languages Swahili and Hindi on it. This is curious because the day prior to the destruction, CERN fired back up. And at CERN, is the statue of Shiva, the Hindu Goddess. *Shiva is known as ‘The Destroyer.’Swahili and Hindi = 144

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Ubisoft reveals gameplay of ‘Skull and Bones,’ one day after the Georgia Guidestones are demolished, July 7, 2022

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As we head towards Meta 2030, it all begins to make a lot more sense… Notice the Skull and Bones game is set to release on November 8 of this year. In 2018, I said that was a possible date of death for George H.W. Bush, #41, who was in Skull and Bones. Again, they’re…

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