Sandra Day O’Connor’s funeral saved for Saturnalia, December 19, 2023

Death Federal Freemasonry History Legal Murder by Numbers Secret Societies Recall, Sandra Day O’Connor died at age 93 on the anniversary of Aleister Crowley’s passing, the occultist who worshiped the number 93 in his religion Thelema. Now, her funeral is in the time of Saturnalia, December 19, 2023. Notice, they saved Sandra Day O’Connor’s funeral for December 19, 2023, a date with 74 numerology,…

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The Killer’s September 3, 2023 and the death of Sandra Day O’Connor (pure Thelema)

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The film The Killer begins with a tribute to Aleister Crowley by discussing the philosophy of Do What Thou Wilt, the motto of Thelema, which worships the number 93. Again, today, December 1, 2023, is Aleister Crowley’s death anniversary, and today Sandra Day O’Connor is dead at 93. So consider the film, The Killer’s, 9/3…

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Sandra Day O’Connor dead at 93, Israel back to bombing Gaza on Aleister Crowley’s death anniversary and the Cowboys and their star become 9-3 on H.W.’s death anniversary

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Today is December 1, 2023, the anniversary of Aleister Crowley’s death on this day in 1947. Blood Sacrifice=121 (12/1 date) Crowley invented the religion that worships the number 93, known as Thelema. It’s key tennant is, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” It is why Sandra Day O’Connor is dead…

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How Sandra Day O’Connor helped George W. Bush win the 2000 election is May 2, 2023 CNN news

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This news comes exactly 43 weeks into George W. Bush’s age, #43.Yale = 43 This news comes 65 days before his upcoming birthday.Yale = 65 This news comes on 2/5, and is about ‘Judge’ Sandra Day O’Connor.Judge = 25 This news comes while she is 93, the number of Saturn, connected to judgement.Saturn = 93…

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Doug Burgum, 33rd Governor of North Dakota, drops out of presidential race on the 33rd day of the state’s age, 141

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Notice, his birthday is August 1, or 8/1. Again, Joe Biden turned 81 on November 20, 2023, and then Jimmy Carter, who left the White House in ’81, lost his wife. And then Sandra Day O’Connor, who took federal office in ’81 after being appointed by Reagan, who replaced Carter, died, along with Kissinger who…

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Senator Blackburn demands investigation of UN employee accused of holding Israeli hostages, Fox top story, Monday, December 4, 2023 (the 181 thing)

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This is Fox News top story this morning, Monday, December 4, 2023. It sets up a storyline to follow for the news week ahead. It involves the Tennessee Senator, Marsha Blackburn, who makes the accusation. First, notice the 201 & 75 name Gematria.State of Israel=201 (Israel is 75)The Jesuit Order=201 (It’s leader is 75, born…

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Amy Coney Barrett, Vesica Piscis and the Sacred Feminine Code

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History, current events and popular culture are coded by numbers and themes. Various aspects of life have a code specific to that particular segment of life. In this article we are talking about women specifically women of prominence who achieved firsts and/or attained high social stature and visibility. THE FEMALE-RELATED CODE NUMBERS 54, 42 and…

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GILEAD: The Handmaid’s Tale meets Covid-19

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As I stated in the post VENUS: The Sacred Feminine and the Battle for Humanity, VENUS is a metaphor for the force of love and emotion; properties that make humans human, and distinguish them from machines. An anti-human esoteric agenda will repeatedly ritually destroy that which makes us human. Women are used in these rituals,…

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