The parallels between the Oklahoma City and Boston Patriot’s Day bombings, April 19, 1995 and April 15, 2013

Catholic Church Entertainment Federal Government History Islam Jesuit Predictive Programming Terrorism In 2001, Oklahoma City began a marathon in tribute to the victims of the ’95 Federal Building bombing… Once again, it happened on Patriot’s Day. And that was 18-years before the Patriot’s Day Marathon Bombing in Boston, a very Catholic city…–Murrah building was 18-years-old when it blew up–IHS = 18 / 18-Sun = 18…

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I-35 construction began in 1956

Catholic Church History Interstates Jesuit Murder by Numbers Police State Terrorism

Neo the Hacker noticed that I-35 connection began in 1956.Society of Jesus = 56 / 187 / 1122-JFK assassinated at I-35 in 187th year of US’s existence and on 11/22-JFK Assassination = 187 / 1122-JFK, #35, killed at age 46-Catholic = 35 / 46 I-35 goes from Waco, to Dallas, to Oklahoma City, all sites…

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The bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building 117-weeks after Bill Clinton became President of the United States & 243-days after his birthday (Central Intelligence Agency & The Holy Bible — Jesus, Tammuz & Easter)

Catholic Church Federal Government History Jesuit Politics Predictive Programming Psychological Operation Religion Terrorism

The Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing of April 19, 1995 came exactly 117-weeks after Bill Clinton became the 42nd President of the United States, and exactly 243-days after his 48th birthday. Don’t forget the CIA was established September 18, 1947, 201-days after Pope Pius XII’s birthday on March 2 of that year. And for all…

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12 injured, 3 people detained after shooting at South Carolina mall, police say, April 16, 2022

Catholic Church Jesuit Mass Shooting New World Order News

Four days before the anniversary of Columbine, we get the Columbiana Centre Mall shooting in Columbia, South Carolina.Columbiana Centre Mall = 77Police Department = 77Police Officer = 77-Columbiana Centre Mall = 194-Prisma Health = 194 (Where the victims were taken)-19/4 upcoming-Anniversary of Waco & OKC Bombing Keep in mind this news comes on the 106th…

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Man who rescued 5 people during Oklahoma City bombing dies on Sunday, January 16, 2022 (the 116 thing)

Federal Government History Jesuit Military Murder by Numbers New World Order Terrorism

Did you miss my video from this Sunday, January 16, on 1/16, like 116, talking about the significance in the number in relation to Waco, Oklahoma City and 9/11? If you did, notice this man supposedly died on Sunday, January 16… and notice CNN’s post time, 1:19, on 1:19…David Koresh = 116McVeigh put to death…

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Walter Mondale dies on Jimmy Carter’s 201st day of his age, April 19, 2021, the day the Jesuits became a military order in history

Celebrity Federal Government History Jesuit Murder by Numbers New World Order Politics

Walter Mondale has died on the date with 28, 44 and 64 numerology, the ‘kill’ date, April 19, 2021. 4/19/2021 = 4+19+20+21 = 644/19/2021 = 4+19+(2+0+2+1) = 284/19/21 = 4+19+21 = 44 And notice how it fits with ‘Mondale’, who was “killed” in the ’84 election. With regards to 44, that is a big number…

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North Texas basketball coach & former Baylor great, Nelson Haggerty, dead at 47, April 16, 2021, 11 days after Baylor wins the championship

Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Religion Sports

Nelson Haggerty, Baylor basketball great, dies April 16, 2021, 11 days after Baylor wins the college basketball championship with 86 points, after the death of basketball legend, Elgin Baylor, at 86, March 22, 2021. Keep in mind April 16 is the 106th day of the year. Black = 106Black Lives Matter = 106I Can’t Breathe…

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Canada announces immediate ban on assault rifles, May 1, 2020

Government Mass Shooting News Police State

It isn’t hard to see why this news comes on May 1, or 5/1, like 51… Keep in mind May 1 can be written 1/5, like 15, and ‘Canada’ sums to 15. Read my post on the April 19, 2020 Nova Scotia shooting: Read about Adam Weishaupt and the establishment of the Bavarian Illuminati,…

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Washington state Sheriff Adam Fortney says he will not enforce stay-at-home orders, April 22, 2020 news

Coronavirus Government News This news comes out of Snohomish County, where the first coronavirus case was confirmed in the United States, January 21, 2020. Notice the emphasis on ‘He has no plan’. Read about “Hazardous Liberty”, the Washington State protest that came 70-days after the Governor’s birthday: This news comes days after the April 19, 2020 Hazardous…

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Coronavirus travel ban by the same old numbers, March 11, 2020 +Duke Blue Devils announce they won’t attend March Madness

News Politics Sports Travel

Trump made the travel announcement ban on March 11, 2020, 271-days after his birthday. Remember, Trump was the winner of the 58th U.S. Presidential selection, after announcing he would run from the 58-story Trump Tower, and before hiring the 58-year-old Steve Ray for Inauguration Day. Also, don’t forget this about George W. Bush. George W.…

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