Sidney Poitier’s death at age 94, 80-days before the 94th Academy Awards, where Will Smith won Best Actor

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The triangle’s behind Will Smith aren’t an accident
The 2022 Academy’s were 89-days after Denzel Washington’s birthday *89, 11th Fib # *Black = 11

In light of Will Smith winning best actor at the 94th Academy Awards, keep in mind the first black man to ever win the award was Sidney Poitier, who died at age 94, January 6, 2022, exactly 80-days before the 94th Academy Awards.

Academy Awards = 80
Bavarian Illuminati = 80
Baphomet = 80
Satan = 80
-Roman Catholic Church = 94
-Knights Templar worshiped Baphomet
-Illuminati founded by a Jesuit
-Jesuit logo features Templar cross
-Denzel Washington is Jesuit educated

Read about Sidney Poitier’s death at 94, in light of the 94 minute film he won best actor for.

Better yet, Will Smith won Best Actor 183-days after his birthday.

And notice Poitier died on Will Smith’s 104th day of his age.
Roman Catholic Church = 94 / 104
Helios = 94 (Helios is the sun)
-Sunday award show

Recall when Will Smith of the Saints died on April 9, or 9/4, while Will Smith was winning all the awards at the 2016 MTV Awards, including Best Actor.

Will Smith played for the New Orleans Saints. Saints??? Catholic???
-The weekend after the Academy’s the Final Four is in New Orleans
–Will Smith is from Philadelphia (Villanova)
–Chris Rock is from the Carolinas (Duke and UNC)
–Juwan Howard slapped the Wisconsin coach on Poitier’s birthday (Feb. 20)
–That was after Howard’s 84th game (56-28) *Jesuit = 84 *Society of Jesus = 56
–That was 5-weeks before the Academy’s and Will became 5th black man to win Best Actor

Keep in mind Chris Rock made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith at the 2016 Oscars too.

Sainthood is Catholic.

And in Lilies of the Field, Sidney Poitier saves a group of Catholic Nuns.

Read about the 94 ritual with Will Smith’s I Am Legend, released December 14, 2007.
Coronavirus Pandemic = 94
Omega = 94

It was 103-days after his birthday as well (27th prime).
Best Actor = 103
Jesuits = 103
Ritual = 27

Best Actor = 59 (Demi Moore is 59) *The slap was centered on Demi Moore joke

Keep in mind this took place on the 86th day of the year, March 27.
Jesuits = 86
Sidney = 86

For one more, this came 35-days after what would have been Poitier’s birthday, February 20.

Catholic = 35, Holy See = 35, Jesuitism = 35 *Thursday = 35 (Poitier died in Thursday)
Eye = 35 (5+25+5=35)
-Illuminati eye added to dollar bill in ’35
-12/25 (Square Root of 35)
-12/25 is the sun’s birthday
-This ritual on a Sunday
-The Catholic Church and Sunday…

Great Seal = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

It also fits in with the source of the Jada Pinkett Smith joke, ‘alopecia.’

And for the clincher, this award came on the 110th day since the anniversary of Six Degrees of Separation, the film that brings Will Smith and Sidney Poitier together.

OscarsSoWhite = 177 / 78
The Jesuit Order = 177 (Jesuit = 78)

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  1. Miami Boy on March 28, 2022 at 4:56 pm

    That mockery to Will Smith the football player is crazy.
    94th academy awards.
    He dies on 9/4 in 2016
    Will the actor awarded on 9/4 in 2016

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