Stormy Daniels’ lawyer denies payment from Cohen was ‘hush money,’ May 2, 2024

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I like how Trump had the day off on the Illuminati’s 248th birthday, May 1, 2024.
President Donald Trump=248
-Mugshot on 24th of August, or 24/8
-Pluto, 248-year orbital cycle (Plutocracy is ruled by the rich)

The focus of the nation was on Columbia University’s police raid and other chaos at US universities.

And here’s the ‘gag order’ piece. Again, this is Alvin Bragg’s case and Trump’s day off on the Illuminati’s 248th birthday. As you examine the list, think “48 Laws of Power.”

This news, which will help Trump’s case tremendously, comes on the 47th day of Stormy Daniels age, which is 47. ‘Hush money’ equates to 47, and is the topic here. *Hush Money=47 *Trump=47

She is 45, like Trump was #45. *Ritual=45 *Mike Pence=45 *Berlin Wall=45 (Trump on the wall anny.)

This lawyer began giving his testimony on April 30, the anniversary of the Church of Satan’s establishment. Again, their highest degree is MAGA, and April 30 falls 45 days before June 14. It goes with Obama joking on April 30, 2011, at the White House Correspondents Dinner, that Donald Trump would be #45. That was the Church of Satan’s 45th birthday.

Keep in mind today is May 2, or 5/2, like 52.

Never forget this Trump, 47, and the Presidency moment here (its one of many).

The 47 goes with the courtroom as well.

Trump’s first Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch, was sworn in on April 7.

In light of the Church of Satan turning 58 on April 30, 2024, that number connects a number of things.
Neil Gorsuch=58 (Trump won 58th election)
Freemasonry=58 (Trump announced from 58 story Trump Tower)
Rosicrucian=58 (King James was a Freemason & a Rosicrucian)
Secret Society (King James died at 58)

The Apprentice is the first degree of Freemasonry.

Today is 187 days before the November 5 election, the day leaving 56 days in the year (and Guy Fawkes Day, highly associated with the Jesuits and their attempt to blow up British Parliament).
Society of Jesus=187 & 56
Washington DC=187 & 56
Church of Satan=56
*Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=187

Don’t forget that Donald Trump had the big 187 rituals in 2016, with his convention beginning in Cleveland on 18/7 18th of July, a span of 187 days from January 20, 2017, Inauguration Day in Washington DC, a very Jesuit day.

Today, the UCLA crackdown was also in the news. *University of California Los Angeles=187

And again, it will be the 60th US Presidential Election. *Donald Trump=60 *Keith Davidson=60

The election is November 5, or 11/5, Guy Fawkes Day. Notice where ‘Hush Money’ and 115 fits in, going with Trump taking office with the 115th Congress in 2017.

*Passover=34 *Charges=34 (34 charges)
*128 (11) (hot number in 2024)

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