The Acadian Ley Line: New York, New Orleans, Sacred Sites and Monoliths

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This post is a follow-up to my previous post “MONOLITH” in which I discussed the film 2001: A Space Odyssey and the various “monoliths” that have been inspired by the monoliths of 2001: A Space Odyssey; “monoliths” such as the United Nations Secretariat Building which was built on the site of former slaughter houses on the East side of mid-Manhattan, New York City.

U.N. Secretariat Building (left) and 2001:Space Odyssey monolith

Building on top of or adjacent to locations of death seems to be a conscious practice. Plans for the Federal Reserve coup were hatched on Jekyll Island, Georgia at the Jekyll Island Club. The Rockefellers built next to – and maybe on – a burial site of the Guale Indians.

Given the Rockefellers’ penchant for building on or adjacent to death and burial sites it is reasonable to surmise that they did so again when they were the driving force behind the erecting of the World Trade Center.

17th and 18th century African-American burial grounds were located in lower Manhattan where the World Trade Center would be built.

Starting in 1991 some remains from an African burial ground in lower Manhattan were exhumed after construction of a Federal building’s foundation exposed them. The remains of 419 individuals were reinterred at the African Burial Ground National Monument at 290 Broadway. The 419 were only a fraction of the total buried in the area (estimates are around 15,000). Most remains have already had buildings built on top of them; buildings like the World Trade Center.

To illustrate the burial ground’s proximity to the World Trade Center : the above Google Maps graphic shows that it is only a little over half a mile from the World Trade Center; a 12 minute walk.


The Millenium Hilton “monolith.”

In MONOLITH article I discussed the prominence of the number 55:

  • The Millennium Hilton is 55 stories tall.
  • It is located on 55 Church Street, New York, N.Y.
  • It reopened in 2003 on May 5th; a date written 55.
  • The U.N. Secretariat Building is 505 feet high.
  • The African burial Ground national Monument was created on February 27th, 2006; a date with 55 numerology.

“Augmenting these series are natural and or cultural events, that coalesce to create a ley. These events drill karma or memory deep into Ley Lines. A contemporary example of a karmic hole drilled into a ley is the destruction of the World Trade Towers along the City Ley.”

— Peter Champoux,

Peter Champoux’s YouTube channel.

The Acadian Leyline: Home of Major Cities, Connecting New York City and New Orleans

Ley lines are Earth energy grids. Energy that is put into a leyline permeates throughout the leyline.

From ancient cultures to modern times, the power of ley lines has been known, but not shared with the general public. Even if one dismisses the significance of ley lines, they cannot deny the evidence that multiple major cities have been built on the same path. This many major cities in the same straight line cannot be coincidence.

The Acadian ley line in white

On the Acadian ley line are United States state-capitals or cities that are the biggest in their state:

  • BOSTON: the largest city and the state capital of Massachusetts.
  • NEW YORK CITY: the largest city in the state of New York, one of the largest in the world as well as a world financial center.
  • TRENTON: the capital of the state of New Jersey
  • PHILADELPHIA: the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania and the former capital of the United States.
  • WILMINGTON: the largest city in the state of Delaware.
  • BALTIMORE: the largest city in the state of Maryland.
  • WASHINGTON D.C.: the capital of the United States of America and world military power center.
  • NEW ORLEANS: the largest city in the state of Louisiana.
  • MEXICO CITY: the capital of the country of Mexico and one of the largest cities in the world.

Why it is Called the “Acadian” Ley Line

This ley line is called “Acadian” because it runs through the region of Acadia which was formerly French North America; a French colony that included what is the modern day state of Maine, and the Maritime provinces of Canada.

During the French and Indian War of 1754 to 1763, Acadians were forcibly removed and relocated from Acadia by British forces in what is known as The Expulsion of the Acadians a.k.a. The Great Upheaval.

Some dislocated Acadians eventually settled in Louisiana. Today we have the popular term “Cajun” for the ethnic group that resides in the state of Louisiana. “Cajun” derived from mispronunciation of the term “Acadian.”

If you follow the straight route from the middle of Acadia — around Prince Edward Island — to New Orleans, Louisiana; the beginning and ending points of the Acadian relocation, you will be following the path of a ley line Earth energy grid. Hence that grid has been named The Acadian Ley Line.

Perhaps they were intentionally relocated on the same ley line.

Artist Lewis Parker’s The Expulsion of the Acadians painted in 2011

It is also important to note that there is a ley line to the West of the Acadian on which we have 4 consecutive U.S. state capitals and Canada’s largest city (Toronto) and capital of the province of Ontario.

Pope Francis, the Monoliths and the Acadian Ley Line

The Vatican is no stranger to the knowledge of ley line energy. In 2015 Pope Francis visited three cities in the United States on the Acadian ley line: On September 23rd he visited Washington D.C., on September 25th Pope Francis visited New York City where he addressed the United Nations General Assembly at the site of the “monolith” Secretariat Building.

On the same day September 25th, he visited the 911 World Trade Center Memorial in the shadow of the Millenium Hilton monolith.

September 25th is interesting in gematria terms because when you spell it out: “SEPTEMBER TWENTY FIFTH” or “TWENTY FIFTH SEPTEMBER” it sums to 259 like the way the date is written in numerals: 25-9.

The term “Roman Catholicism” also sums to 259.

Interestingly there is ANOTHER Millennium Hilton in Manhattan, New York City: at the United Nations Plaza, the same location of the Secretariat “monolith” and former animal slaughter houses.

This map shows the proximity of the Millennium Hilton to the World Trade Center

“This place of death became a place of life, too….”

— Pope Francis at 911 Memorial, New York City, September 25th, 2015

At the 911 memorial pope Francis uttered the phrase ” THIS PLACE OF DEATH BECAME A PLACE OF LIFE TOO”

“Place of Life” super- matches the term “earth grid” in gematria revealing the importance of ley line energy in ritual; both the 911 ritual itself and the ritual of the Pope’s visit.

In part of his speech — referring to the location — he said: “THIS PLACE OF DEATH” which sums to 71; a major number-code for the Vatican, and the Jesuit Order.

The forced displacement of the Acadians is known as “the Great Upheaval” which sums to 71 in gematria.

Such systematic removal of an ethnic group from a location is known as “ethnic cleansing.” This term also sums to 71.

ABC News highlighted Pope Francis’ use of the term “Palpable Grief” in reference to 911. Gematria explains why they highlighted that part of his speech: “PALPABLE GRIEF” matches “OSAMA BIN LADEN” in two base ciphers, including at the value of 110.

The Twin Towers were each 110 stories high. In gematria “ROCKEFELLER” sums to 110.

Virginia State Route 110 runs by the Pentagon which was part of the 911 ritual attack.

The name of the ley line — that is named after the people who migrated along its path; the locations of Pope Francis visit: “ACADIAN” sums to 156. 911 is the 156th prime number.

Welcome to the Terror Dome

It is important to reiterate that energy put into a leyline permeates throughout the leyline. So, energy from New York City goes through Louisiana and vice-versa. The New Orleans Super Dome has Mercedes Benz as a corporate name. “MERCEDES BENZ” sums to 119, establishing the New York – New Orleans Acadian ley line grid significance.

Notice the date on which the Super Dome reopened after the Hurricane Katrina disaster: the same date (9 years earlier) that Pope Francis visited the 911 memorial: September 25th.

The Super Dome is another structure that is built at least adjacent to burial grounds. Building directly on top of burial sites is usually not officially admitted to but is most likely.

“…construction crews working between the Superdome and the present-day downtown Hyatt House unearthed a collection of human bones and bits of gravestones in February 1987, fans finally had the explanation they needed: The Superdome had been built on the site of the old Girod Street Cemetery.”

The official story is that the Superdome is not built directly on top of a cemetery. It is suspicious that such highly important structures are “in the vicinity” of burial sites. The Super Dome and the World Trade Center are on the same Acadian ley line (Earthly natural telluric energy pathway) .

Both sites – World Trade Center and Super Dome – hosted events of great suffering. Elite adepts know how to harness intense human (and animal) and ley line energy. That energy permeates throughout the Ley Line.

Super Dome Purification Ritual

In 2000 the New Orleans Saints invited Voodoo priestess Ava Kay Jones to involve the crowd in a stadium-purification ritual from midfield at a playoff game vs the Rams. To that point the New Orleans Saints had never won a single playoff game in their history. They would go on to defeat the Saint Louis Rams for their first ever playoff win.

A central element of that ritual is that priestess Ava Kay Jones didn’t perform it by herself; she involved the crowd’s participation. The Super Dome’s capacity was about 70,000. The more people involved in a ritual, the more powerful it is. Ley Line energy made it all the more powerful in addition to the spiritual energy of those buried next to or on the location.

Some Other Burial Site Energy extraction Examples are

December 27th, 2018: Night Sky Spectacularly Lights Up Over Kenner, Louisiana and New York City

On December 27th, 2018 the night skies over the New Orleans metropolitan area and over New York City lit up due to electrical transformer explosions.

The transformer explosion in Louisiana occurred at around 3:00 am December 27th, 2018

While the Kenner, Louisiana pyrotechnics were spectacular in their own right, they paled in comparison to the surreal, apocalyptic majesty of the New York City event.

Surreal blueish-green skies over New York City at 9:12 pm on December 27th, 2018

The New York City – New Orleans transformer explosions on the same day could be evidence of Acadian Ley Line energy. The number 119 manifests again in New York – New Orleans Acadian Ley Line subject matter.

“Transformer explosion” and “expulsion of the Acadians” sum to 119.


  1. redsam96 on December 31, 2020 at 4:38 am

    Hey Rambo, wrecking my mind once again with so much new knowledge lol I have a quick question though:

    Do you recommend any books or resources that speak on occultic matters and energy and such? I had never heard of ley lines as far as I could remember, and learning about the monoliths was relatively new for me as well because of how much they’re shrouded in mystery. I’ve read/listened to a lot of books from different schools of magic (Liber Null & Psychonaut, Psybermagik, Liber 777, The Satanic Bible, etc..) but I’m always wanting to broaden my scope of knowledge and learn as much as possible. I know a lot about different philosophies and some ritual practices and gnosis, but it seems that by the end of a lot of these books they kinda just leave you hanging unless you become a member ya know? Which does make sense to me I guess.

    • Rambo on January 1, 2021 at 10:10 am

      Thanks for supporting, and happy new year! You do what I do: I look at different sources of knowledge and collect dots that I can connect. You see will many elements of different traditions that are common; the same idea but expressed differently. I also want to understand – to the best of my ability – what mystery traditions people in power are using. An obvious powerful group is Freemasonry. It is advisable to see what Freemasons themselves are saying. Of course they will be non-critical but you can still pick up knowledge that you can then observe in real world events. A book on Freemasonry that I would recommend is “The Secret War Inside Freemasonry.” By Frater X who was a Freemason and an adept and is critical. Also look at “Duncan’s Ritual” People into Alchemy swear by the book “Initiation into Hermetics” by Franz Bardon. Alchemists absolutely rave about that work.

      Ultimately you have to trust your own inner guide. Use those external sources as guides, or sources for nuggets, but not the ultimate answer. The ultimate answer is within you. I would recommend meditating. Celestial Qi Gong is powerful. I intend to try it. But be confident that the answers lie within you, not outside no matter how celebrated or accomplished the outside source is.

  2. Sshev on December 31, 2020 at 8:16 pm

    Great info, as always. I’ll behave. I double checked because Haitian voodoo is called vodou. So I looked up the priestess and she was also called a “Voodoo and Yoruba Priestess, Ava Kay Jones” Interesting because in ordinal 441, and reduced 144, and In Bacon’s simple it is 414. You can add them all, and it = 999 or upside down 666.

    in 2019 she appeared at a voodoo festival as “New Orleans’ own Vodou Priestess Ava Kay Jones’= 311 in Bacon’s simple, 314 in Bacon’s reverse and 211 in Bacon’s short cipher. Ava Jones = 119 in bacon’s reverse. AKJ =611 in Jewish, Which is Henry Cornelius Agrippa’s cipher from his books of occult philosophy. Flipped down is 911. The Initials are also 59 reverse ordinal. In Bacon’s simple 59 is the Black, and she is a black woman.

    It is interesting because the Great Seal of the United States was created by an Artist that was French West Indian. That usually means Haiti and he may have been connected to some king of ritual. I would suspect. Thanks for your info. Looking forward to see where you go from here.

    Lay Lines I noticed are 33 in the reverse of Bacon’s short cipher. This ties with Acadian 33 in ordinal. Very interesting you have Acadian related to 911

    • Sshev on December 31, 2020 at 8:27 pm

      Sorry, flipped around 611 is 119..

    • Rambo on January 1, 2021 at 9:21 am

      Thanks for the additional information. The United States has had an intimate relationship with Haiti; mostly to Haiti’s detriment.

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